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  • Dressed Like a Daydream

    The pool was midnight blue, adorned by the reflection of thousands of stars. It blended perfectly well with my deepest, nearly-pitch-

  • Ghalib ki Dilli (Part I)

    I should have been listening to one of the scores of imaginative events on the poetry, life and times of the pre-eminent poet of the

  • My Life with Shakespeare

    When you are asked to write a memoir or something about Shakespeare, you should know that you have reached your expiration date.


    After a month's respite, with the inauspicious Pous being over, the Bengali wedding season has come back with a big vengeance, so to

  • The Endless I

    Within the givens of life

  • Poetry

    You, who are


    The terrible realization was setting in almost all, if not all of us. The dream days of fun and work in equal measure at RADA were

  • Prodigy

    The smell of spicy food was making Sam hungry. After a long wait at the restaurant, the waiter came with the food. He had a mask

  • Tagore Songs

    With him, “no” will never do.

  • Jibanananda Das: Baitarani

    I'm not sure when I rose from the grave of death—

  • Baishakhi Spirit, which art Moving Everywhere

    My phone is bombarded with SMS alerts notifying me of various deals available for Baishakh: the discounts that are offered in various

  • Alpanas: “Dreams under your feet”

    If you ask me, it is not unlikely that alpana and kalpana should sound almost similar, since without kalpana, or creative ingenuity, it is

  • A Brief History of Pahela Baishakh

    Most of us know that the celebrations of Pahela Baishakh began in the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. However, we have mostly


    Imagine Bengal like this: all the rivers have dried up. Periodically, there are earthquakes. For mile after mile there is only desert scrub:

  • In Search of a Hero

    “If I were a hero …” Arif stopped suddenly.

  • Poetry

    Some days I come knocking at your door


    With the examination season on, people feel pity for the stressed students burning the midnight oil as well as for their parents who, in

  • Snippets

    Her: Seen yesterday's sunset?

  • Pity

    From behind a counter inside Tasty, her brother Anik's bakery shop, Hridi watches an old Westerner repeatedly tug on the glass door

  • Poetry

    It doesn't want a handful of puffed rice

  • I Can Choose to Go, But Why Should I?

    Perhaps, it is better to turn around.

  • The Death of Sorrow

    Azgar Ali was not worried when the war broke out. Theirs was a quaint little village hiding by the slopes near the Garo Hills. It took

  • Skull among Bricks− a Grey Frame

    Right now, I am all blue. I was supposed to have my feet on the ground, and study for my upcoming exam–which is in two days.

  • The Days of War

    On March 1 at 1.00 pm when Yahya Khan declared on the radio that he was suspending the National Assembly session because of the

  • Ferdousi Priyabhashini: “A Lifelong Impression of Eternal Struggle”

    The indescribable grief and agony the aftermath of 1971 had set off in the eventful life of Ferdousi Priyabhashini can be perceived


    As Bird flocks take wing at the rattle of sten guns

  • Bangladesh During those Turbulent Days of March, 1971

    The historic announcement of March 7 by Bangabandhu was, in fact, the call for the independence of Bangladesh. The speech inspired

  • Folk Hero Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

    The process through which Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (1920-1975) became a folk hero in Bangladesh, that is to say, the way in which his

  • Footprints

    Footprints of Million Lives

    Darkness had fallen upon the graveyard of thousand lives, along with a cold breeze which swept away the rotten stench of dead flesh.


    “Are you interested in spiritually inclined younger men?” My recent tinder match asked.