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  • Robert Mshengu Kavanagh: A Strong Voice against Apartheid and Oppression in Southern Africa

    September 7, 2018; a big hall in Ibsenhuset (The Ibsen House; museum, archive and theatre dedicated to Henrik Ibsen in his birth town, Skien). An actors' session of


    Sentences are the workhorse of writing—so much so that we forget that they do more than just say something. Of course, a sentence communicates some sort of meaning, but how it says is as important as what it says.

  • Doesn't the Success of a Writer Depend on the Muse?

    Somerset Maugham famously said, “There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.” Similarly, there are many ways in which a writer can achieve success — usually through a combination of luck, talent and connections — but the majority of writers struggle to work that combination to their own benefit.

  • At the Train Station

    I saw him. It was no mistake that it was him. No doubt, no confusion. He was there and it was him. It was that same face, nakedly visible over the pile of luggage surrounded by a number of people here and there, smoking, sipping tea, reading newspaper, or chattering among

  • The Poet

    In his lips was written submission. His moon shaped beard neatly combed,

  • Music

    Music is like a bridge, Between real and unreal It is the door that opens on the surreal.

  • Critical Reception: A Comparison between Rokeya and Woolf

    In a previous article titled “Rokeya and Woolf: Souls That Have Lived” (Daily Star, 8 Dec 2018), I discussed similarities and differences between Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (1880-1932) and Virginia Woolf (1882-1941).

  • An Immigrant's Quest for CanLit

    To an immigrant Canadian, such questions are really very tough to comprehend: “Which are the best novels in Canadian literature” or “Who are the most celebrated poets of the country?”

  • The Bench

    The bench was deceivingly inconspicuous with its chipped paint and creaky wood. It practically promised that if I sat on it, I could enjoy a feisty lunch in a brown paper bag and watch the pigeons fight over crumbs without any life altering events. Yet sometimes the unexpected happens in the most ordinary of places.

  • The Curious Case of a Master-Spy: The Fictional Kim

    What's in a name? Suppose you are given the name of a well-known character in fiction, could this determine the sort of person you


    I've never told the truth

  • Karl Marx on India: An Assessment (Part II)

    Marx correlates the decrease of Indian textile exports with the monopoly exerted by British muslins to India and the decimation of the population of Dhaka. To quote what he says about the impact of colonization on our city and the outcome of the fatal embrace of British colonial policy in our part of India:

  • Those Pesky Palesimians

    O Son of Ben-Zion, why have you not

  • Living Amidst the Catastrophes of “the Living Contradiction”

    “By its nature,” Marx writes in the climactic passage of a magnificent but very dense section of the Grundrisse, capital “posits a barrier

  • Editor's Note

    Perhaps it is a little late, but here it is. A two-day international conference on Karl Marx's birthday titled “Language, Literature, Culture

  • Poetry

    In Manzur Elahi's garden

  • Karl Marx on India: An Assessment (Part I)

    In a Delhi bookshop this October, I came across Karl Marx on India. Edited by Iqbal Husain, former Professor of History at Aligarh

  • Spoilers Alert: Meghnadhbadh Rahasya Revealed

    Anik Dutta's 2017 movie Meghnadhbadh Rohoshya is a clever evocation of naxalgia. Fifty years after the Naxalbari movement, the

  • The Blue Sparrow

    The blue sparrow is about to fly away; it flaps its wings. I stare deep into its eyes in a rush and whispered, “Take me with you, please.”It accepts my request. Under its wings the blue sparrow takes me in, my sin, my soul and all of my unfulfilled aspirations.

  • A Walk around the Home of Emily Brontë

    Around 2014, while working on my dissertation on Emily Brontë, I suddenly realized that it was rather strange that I had never been to Yorkshire.

  • Remembering Nehreen Khan: Prof. Syed Manzoorul Islam's Memorial Lecture at EWU

    It was on a beautiful afternoon on 4 December, 2018 in S. M. Nowsher Ali Lecture Gallery at East West University Campus, Aftabnagar, Dhaka that Professor Syed

  • When the Lights Went Out

    I feel like unmasking myself, Because no one will see.

  • Telling (Hi)stories

    My passport will tell you I am as old as the country itself. I am actually one year older than the country. That's what my mother told me, and that's how it was recorded in my early school documents.

  • From Ekattorer Chithi

    Salaam. Hope you are well by the grace of Allah. Convey my respect and regards to others in the house. In this battle we are all here


    The ant mound was intact until Kheya stepped on it. Pappu was trying to pick some ripe oranges from the big orange tree by the gate. While running toward him, Kheya stepped right on the mound and got attacked by a platoon of red ants.

  • Their Songs

    I know a craven Mir Jafar

  • The Colours of Tomorrow

    2140. Earth has been given to Mechatronix for the protection of its remaining animals. Most of these are humans and are often the most chaotic.


    Butterflies flit, turn and flutter

  • Light Mist

    She wished to become a light mist

  • Rokeya and Woolf: Souls that Have Lived

    There are some amazing similarities between the Bengali writer Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain (1880-1932) and her English counterpart Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) that will make you wonder whether every great soul that has ever lived experiences the same dimension of reality in different shapes.