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  • Natir Puja: A Tale of Devotion and Sacrifice as Opposed to Jealousy and Tyranny

    Quite a few of Rabindranath Tagore’s dance dramas and poems develop around the idea of Buddhist philosophy that induces people to lead a simple life, to gain an understanding of the injustice and inequality prevailing in society, and to acquire knowledge and develop a deeper insight about the universe.

  • From Gitabitan

    There’s no end, why then the last word needs to be said. What strikes as a blow will become a flame; Once the clouds have their part, the rain has its start.. The light of my eyes, brings the world in my sight I’ll then have insight, when there’s no light The world out of reach comes alive in my mind And lights you up in its own light.

  • Truth, or Dare

    After finishing college, I wanted to stay in the city a bit longer, to look for a job, read more books, hang out with my friends. But most importantly, I wanted to find out whether Daniel was ready to take the next step.

  • What makes a writer successful?

    That is a really interesting question, and before answering it, there is another question that needs to be considered: whose idea of success are we talking about? Because the truth is, that could be the determining factor in providing an answer to the question being posed.

  • Empty buckets

    Strolling through a concrete jungle

  • In spirit

    Wake up, girl! That song wasn’t sung for you. You’re not Snow White

  • A Prayer for My Daughter

    Dear Shyamoli,

  • Did Shakespeare Know He Was “Shakespeare”?

    Did Shakespeare know he was “Shakespeare”? That is, even in his own day, did he know he was a cut above the ordinary when it came to writing dramatic poetry, that his language was, as a miner’s son would later put it, “so lovely! like the dyes from gas-tar”?

  • Grace

    Gabriella is a 40-year-old obstetrician-gynaecologist from Australia, a godsend for the violated women spat out by the nine-month

  • ~A Wish~

    When my eyes dim

  • Three Poems

    Life is a bundle of mingled yarn

  • Three Poems

    Life is a bundle of mingled yarn

  • The Living Fountains

    There is a buzz in the house this morning. Things are on the move. Nishat has taken full command, directing her troops to advance swiftly. I look at my watch and ask chotu to fetch my briefcase and the driver to get the car out.

  • Necropolis

    The empty lane of the cemetery was lit by the ancient stars flickering above. The wind had leaves dancing on their branches. It was a

  • You Were Never Really Here

    The eyes often grow heavy

  • On (Dis)connection between Reading and Writing

    Back in 2005 in California, I was reading Edward Said’s Power, Politics, and Culture. This book is a collection of twenty-eight interviews

  • Pohela Baishakh My Bengali New Year Musings

    Pohela Baishakh, in other words, got momentum as a kind of counter-discourse -- a vibrant collective and spontaneous response to the damming of the Bengali nationalist consciousness by successive Pakistani military governments working in cahoots with Muslim League politicians.

  • Muse of Baishakh

    Baishakh is yet to show up,

  • My Aunt Summer, a Sonnet

    Summer! My aunt in red, redundant words,

  • The Charyapadas: Where Bangla Began

    Creating the world and nirvana on their own,

  • Hilsa Fish production

    Hunting for Hilsa

    My mother told me to get a big Ilish maach for Pohela Baishakh. My face went pale. However much I claimed to love my mother, I had no wish to go to the maachher bazaar.

  • Touring the Land of the Lake Poets

    The picturesque mountainous area in the north-west part of England, commonly known as the Lake District, is a top favorite tourist

  • The Last Burger

    A brown, robust dog looks on anxiously while sitting at a busy intersection of the city. The male dog has chosen a dark and safe place

  • Two Poems

    Autumn leaves are seasoned

  • The College Professor

    My cousin Nirmalya was born and brought up in Delhi. He would visit us in Kolkata occasionally while visiting his ancestral home and

  • “Novels cannot always be made only with the Imagination and the Pen”: A Talk with Mostofa Kamal

    Novelist Mostofa Kamla was born in the village of Andharmanik under Barisal district on 30 May 1970. He started his career as a

  • Cricket and Visions

    On March 18th, a poet named John was hit in the eye and knocked out by a ball while playing an informal game of cricket. Perhaps

  • Sodium: (Na)mesake

    Have you seen my City?

  • Melancholy Medicine

    60 mg of Prozac

  • BANGABANDHU AND BANGLADESH: Correcting Contrives and Cunning Corridors

    Lamartine — that mediocre poet but cunning politician in France during the revolutions of 1848 — once remarked that history is a trick that we, the living, play upon the dead.