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  • Letter Box
    Letter Box

    When I came here, to our new abode, I was quite surprised to see...

  • Legacy

    With a familiar hunger

  • A Heart of Snow
    A Heart of Snow

    The wind sighs as if upset; the snow’s anxiety is audible, A...

  • The Word

    I like the idea of that lurking uncertainty in the background. It is the anticipation of what is to come feels exciting. And now here I am facing that uncertainty.

  • When Death Died

    A black serene path leading to a universe set at the end of a never-ending horizon. Paces and paces of thousand footsteps sounding like the ticking of a wall clock in the middle of the night. Tik…tik...tik…tik…tik…tik

  • Different Worlds

    The cloud saw the girl sitting in her balcony and reading. Peace and harmony -- thought the cloud and smiled.

  • A Poetry Evening at Oxford

    Among the contemporary poetic voices, the name of Ilya Kaminsky shines bright. An American-Ukranian poet, Kaminsky has already earned name and critical acclaim, publishing two collections of poetry, which have received rave reviews in front-ranking literary journals and newspapers. His latest collection is Deaf Republic (2019), whereas the first collection is titled Dancing in Odessa (2004).

  • On a Street of Dhaka

    In a tattered sari, she stands

  • The Patriot

    Macaws swooped around the jaguar as it climbed the tree, trying to sniff the sloth lazily perched on a branch almost falling in its sleep. The air was filled with the critters of long tailed monkeys jumping in the vast canopy of trees while the croak of frogs could be heard clearly, amidst the river rushing below.

  • Click Clock Click Clock

    The Gulmohar tree was tall and wide glowing with blossoms and green leaves. It gave a shelter as good as a home for some. The old woman sat under the tree from morning till evening with a bundle of clothes and beddings she needed. She slept under the tree using the bundles as her pillow. People and passers by would leave some food and fruit for her.


    Amitabha Bagchi’s brilliant novel Half the Night Is Gone has won the prestigious DSC Prize for South Asian Literature 2019.

  • “Women’s Voices, Joined Together from East to West in Literature”

    Each year from November 25 to December 10, women around the world unite and raise their voice in support of the UN’s 16 Days of Activism Campaign against gender-based violence.

  • A Story of Him and Her

    He knew everything

  • A Pair of Red Shoes

    The bus was scheduled to depart at 2 pm. It was already ten past two! Everywhere there is a competition of breaking schedule.

  • Speak with Ceaseless Spark; Speak to Leave an Indelible Mark

    “Let thy speech be better than silence, or be silent,” said Dionysius of Halicarnassus. While realizing the essence of this sagacious saying, we can readily conclude that good English speaker is rarer than hens’ teeth in these regions of the world where there is an outlandish, preternatural and almost spurious cultural supposition that having a kingly command of the English language is rather an odious pageantry of colonial aggrandizement.

  • An Affluent Seagull

    In an abyss devoid of rules,

  • Overtime

    The universe is an hourglass

  • Cliché

    In poetry’s kaleidoscope the clichés are sentiments, philosophy.

  • A Translation of Syed Manzoorul Islam’s “Seventy-One”

    The title of the story could have been “Tiger,” just “Tiger,” as, for a few days in 1971, a tiger had been the cause of a massive terror to us.

  • A Translation of Mojaffar Hossain’s “Subservient Country, Independent People”

    Majid kept sniffing the air as he walked. He slowed down when he heard someone’s footsteps behind him.

  • Where the Bombs Go Off and We Win

    We emerged victorious in a burning city of chaos,

  • The Noble Truth

    Leaders big and small set no good

  • The Name Game

    When it comes to their names, most people in Bangladesh may find themselves in a convoluted situation.

  • All About My Name

    I hate my name, particularly my nick name: Shuman. It’s so common that some of my classmates at Jahangirnagar University used to call me “common.”

  • Editor’s Note

    “What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. We often say that too as if names do not matter. Yet how else can we introduce ourselves if we do not have names?

  • The Tormented Soul

    I am now seventy, yet I remember vividly an incident from my childhood that left a deep impression on my soul.

  • Prehistoric (Part-III)

    As the moon appeared, high tides and ebbs kept changing their courses, and a little chill in the air set the mood- Bhikhu lost whatever was left of his self-restraint. Repulsion was replaced by a heat of desire and the next morning he was there to see her.

  • Dewdrops

    There was once a breeze filled heart

  • Remembering Melville in His Bicentenary Year

    The Melville bicentennial almost passed me by.

  • Fears!

    I tried to open my eyes,

  • Nights with Nicole

    “You gave me such a fright last night! I thought you were dying.”

  • Dhaka Translation Fest Declaration, 2019

    The 2nd Dhaka Translation Fest (DTF) 2019 was held at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Dhaka on Friday 25 October, 2019.

  • Prehistoric (Part-II)

    Bhikhu apprehended that Pehlad might disclose his name to take revenge. Of course, he would not think twice of the consequences with his house being set on fire and all.