Fusion Terminal – Bottling our local heritage

Bilimbi is a fruit unknown to many Bangladeshis; the same goes for jara lebu — a Sylheti citrus. Both these find a new avatar, along with local tomatoes, being transformed into sundried ones, coming together in a unique set of pickles from the house of Fusion Terminal.

Work from home bowls

Fried potatoes don’t always have to mean chips, but this bowl brings in cheese and chips in a new combo avatar.

the fearless olive / Sri Lanka — Ayobowan (welcome)

A teardrop in the ocean, Sri Lanka is known for many things, like its tea, and for us South East Asians, its cricket. However, one of the last things to be expected is the amazing diversity of its people.

Dinner in Disguise

With the world cup at this final exciting home stretch, it warrants people staying late, or staying over completely to enjoy the matches. And what goes great with an exciting match and even heated arguments over who will win the cup?

A different kind of Iftar

The Italians love eating bread and have found all kinds of combinations to satiate their love of it. Focaccia is one such example of the many types of bread and it is consumed throughout the Mediterranean. I attempted a Fearless Olive version of this bread which can be placed as an accompaniment to the other iftar items.

The Fearless Olive / Cheers to the newlyweds

Give me a sun, I care not how hot, and sherbet, I care not how cool, and my Heaven is as easily made as your Persian's.

Zagori – beyond the mountains of Greece

Greece is possibly one of the last countries you would expect to find rocky, snow-capped mountains, interjected by stone forests and gurgling streams.

The big Greek wedding

After spending a year on the island of Crete, attending a thoroughly traditional wedding that lasted till 7AM, and a more modern one in Athens, where the festivities wrapped up by 4AM, my take on Greek weddings is that they give our versions a stiff competition when it comes to rituals and traditions.

Tweaking tradition

Durga Puja has been for centuries an occasion to rejoice, a festival celebrated by the masses irrespective of religious beliefs. With everyone preparing the most traditional platters throughout the days that mark the final homecoming, there is plenty of scope to go for slight deviations.

Vegetarian restaurants: a Holy Grail

The Dhakaite's palate was further polished with the advent of the café culture and now, people either crave for a black, sugar-free coffee, or the multitude of flavoured ones, as opposed to the 3-in-one Nescafe affair from about a decade ago.

A different touch

A time for sacrifice but more importantly, a time for sharing, arrives once again for us as we celebrate Eid-ul-Azha. While we run

Broccoli Soup with Rice

Another Fearless Olive rendition of the classic broccoli soup, now with some carbs and a bit of milk to replace the heavy cream that many prefer. Slurp away!

Greek bovine delicacies

The Venetians are credited for bringing in the stifado when they came to rule Greece around the 13th century CE and the dish is full of… onions. Tiny ones, but just load it up with them!

The Exotic Cretan Menu on Eid

As I sit writing this article on the Greek island of Crete, the song of the cicadas serenades me and I think of Dhaka and the festival of sacrifice just around the corner. Goat meat is high on every Cretan menu so I take this opportunity to share some Greek meat dishes and one from across the border in Turkey. Eat healthy and may your bellies be filled with good food and your hearts with the best wishes of loves ones.

Warm, comforting soups

No matter how healthy we eat during the day, late in the afternoon we tend to get peckish and often experience a sudden craving for fried snacks.

Sheep Shearing or Kouraes in Crete

One of the first things you notice on the mountains of Crete are the goats and the sheep. Hordes of them.