Fusion Terminal – Bottling our local heritage

Bilimbi is a fruit unknown to many Bangladeshis; the same goes for jara lebu — a Sylheti citrus. Both these find a new avatar, along with local tomatoes, being transformed into sundried ones, coming together in a unique set of pickles from the house of Fusion Terminal.

Work from home bowls

Fried potatoes don’t always have to mean chips, but this bowl brings in cheese and chips in a new combo avatar.

the fearless olive / Sri Lanka — Ayobowan (welcome)

A teardrop in the ocean, Sri Lanka is known for many things, like its tea, and for us South East Asians, its cricket. However, one of the last things to be expected is the amazing diversity of its people.

Dinner in Disguise

With the world cup at this final exciting home stretch, it warrants people staying late, or staying over completely to enjoy the matches. And what goes great with an exciting match and even heated arguments over who will win the cup?

A different kind of Iftar

The Italians love eating bread and have found all kinds of combinations to satiate their love of it. Focaccia is one such example of the many types of bread and it is consumed throughout the Mediterranean. I attempted a Fearless Olive version of this bread which can be placed as an accompaniment to the other iftar items.

The Fearless Olive / Cheers to the newlyweds

Give me a sun, I care not how hot, and sherbet, I care not how cool, and my Heaven is as easily made as your Persian's.

Healthy is the new delicious

O moon-faced Beloved, the month of Ramadan has arrived, Cover the table, and open the path of praise.

It's all Greek!

The Greek version of a typical bhorta ideally has mashed potatoes with garlic, as skorda is garlic in Greek and comes in all forms with boiled beet or zucchini.

The magic of aphrodisiacs

Almost all food items at some point or the other have been cloistered under the title of an aphrodisiac, with distinct qualities of not just increasing libido but also making us seem more attractive and appealing to the opposite gender.

For a healthy 2017 and beyond!

As the wedding season hits Dhaka with its onslaught of dinners and lunches that make you totter out of the door feeling like you consumed your life's worth of food, here are an assortment of items you can offer those in-between-wedding 'dawat' guests while keeping their palates craving for more.

Chilli and chocolates: a match made in heaven

As the days get colder, appreciate the full bodied flavours of chocolate is all its savoury glory! Rich in minerals, chocolate is known to help combat heart disease, fight the LDL, the so-called 'bad cholesterol,' and also aid in losing weight.

Of freshness and Greek salads

The Greeks love a salad that embodies everything about a Mediterranean diet: greens, freshness, olive oil and the zest of a lemon, or perhaps balsamic vinegar.

It's all Greek!

As the year rolls into its final trimester and shorot makes way for hemonto to hopefully bring in cooler days, I bring to you recipes from a land far off, far removed from the deltaic flat lands of Bangladesh.

The Feast of Sacrifice

The Russians have a penchant for using meat to their fill, in soups, in porridges and cereals and mixed heartily with vegetables too.

Non-traditional platter for Shab-e-barat

Peanuts are a very integral part of West African cuisine and along with the yams and cassava and okra that came out of this region, a lot of cuisine involves peanuts.

Shaaks on Baishakh

As the strong winds sweep across the country, heralding the beginning of the season for kal-Baishakhis and the end of yet another ...