Tete-a-tete / Tuesday Coffee with Rushmita Alam

When we think of our country and its positive aspects, the first thing that comes into mind, is its people. Always in good spirits and eccentrically optimistic, there is almost nothing that can break our spirit! Even through the most inhospitable situation, we know how to beat the odds and rise above!

TÊTE-À-TÊTE / Sarah Karim — a queen of couture

True fashion enthusiasts of the country are quite familiar to the brand Sarah Karim – a popular trademark in the high-end fashion scenario of Bangladesh. Whether it's the much-coveted fashion event of the year, or the lavish gown of a beautiful bride, the recognition seems to transcend everything.

tête-à-tête / Get your spooks on this Halloweekend

YouTuber and makeup artist Raisa Naushin is rocking up this Halloween with her special effects spook makeup. The self-taught young makeup guru just gave her Higher Secondary School exams and is waiting to enroll in university at the moment.

All things base with Tilat Khayer

We have heard a lot about makeup, like the tricks to picking the right shade of lipstick, the proper application of eye-shadow, and so much more.

Expert Opinion by Trichologist, Dr Riffat H Lucy

Hair shedding is a normal and natural process to our everyday lives with a detachment of around 50 to 70 strands daily. The danger

Debashis Chakma's international transition

After captivating Bangladesh's fashion scene with his unique, unorthodox, artistic designer wear, Debashis ventured on a new journey to India in 2011 to explore their world of style and fashion.

10 minutes with Lee Suen Ming, C.E.O, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore

It might have just been few months that Suen Ming had taken charge at Gleneagles Hospital, but in this very short period of time the highly experienced CEO has managed to prove his worth.

tête-à-tête / Bibi Russell and her Gamchha creations

She was never considered the typical Bangladeshi model; with supernatural height almost touching the 6 feet mark, lanky and dark skinned, most of her countrymen turned their backs on her.