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  • Forks over knives

    Remember Galileo's story? In early 1600s, the scientist argued that ours is a sun-centred solar system and not an earth-centred one.

  • Workout for the homebody

    You know what this column is called, and in keeping with that theme, let's go over some exercises you can do at home, without any

  • Don't fall for fitness scams

    One of the adages I strongly believe in is: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

  • All you need is your own weight

    “Alternative” is one of my most favourite/frequently used words. I'm down for anything “alternative” – theories, medicine, lifestyle, etc.,

  • You don't have to give up Carbs

    Carbohydrates seem to have a bad rep. By eating more processed, less filling carbs, we're consuming way more calories than we need

  • Undo the damages of a desk-bound job

    If I could, I'd take up manual labour but unfortunately, it doesn't pay well. If you're rolling your eyes, try to count the number of overweight people working on the streets you've come across.

  • Jump like a kid or a boxer

    No, jumping rope [or skipping, as some call it] isn't only for little girls. If you've watched any movie about boxing, or have ever walked into a boxing gym, you'll know it's a staple in a boxer's conditioning programme. It's also what ended my cardio plateau.

  • What type are you?

    One of the terms I LOATHE is 'cookie-cutter'. We're all unique snowflakes. Then why should our workout routines be the same?