Skip the Gym

Skip the Gym

Skip the gym...get fit / Forks over knives

Remember Galileo's story? In early 1600s, the scientist argued that ours is a sun-centred solar system and not an earth-centred one.

Skip the gym...get fit / Workout for the homebody

You know what this column is called, and in keeping with that theme, let's go over some exercises you can do at home, without any

Skip the gym...get fit / Don't fall for fitness scams

One of the adages I strongly believe in is: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

Skip the gym...get fit / All you need is your own weight

“Alternative” is one of my most favourite/frequently used words. I'm down for anything “alternative” – theories, medicine, lifestyle, etc.,

Skip the gym...get fit / You don't have to give up Carbs

Carbohydrates seem to have a bad rep. By eating more processed, less filling carbs, we're consuming way more calories than we need

Skip the gym...get fit / Undo the damages of a desk-bound job

If I could, I'd take up manual labour but unfortunately, it doesn't pay well. If you're rolling your eyes, try to count the number of overweight people working on the streets you've come across.

Skip the gym...get fit / Jump like a kid or a boxer

No, jumping rope [or skipping, as some call it] isn't only for little girls. If you've watched any movie about boxing, or have ever walked into a boxing gym, you'll know it's a staple in a boxer's conditioning programme. It's also what ended my cardio plateau.

SKIP THE GYM...GET FIT / What type are you?

One of the terms I LOATHE is 'cookie-cutter'. We're all unique snowflakes. Then why should our workout routines be the same?