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  • Of Gold And Love

    Avi Roy, the director of Jarwa House and an expert gemologist also agreed with us. “Women in our country are very much fond of gold jewellery and that has been the norm for generations, which is why we have been catering to their particular needs for more than 100 years now,” said the crafts expert.

  • Le Reve's Fall/Winter Men's Collection

    Keeping every occasion that may find you, whether it's during a frosty morning clouded in mists, a winter tide of an afternoon, or a wintry evening under the lights, Le Reve has made sure there is a head-turning way for you to stand out and it all starts with the individualistic theme of Vanguard, symbolising the leading part of an advancing group of people.

  • Polka Drops

    Fariya Tazin, owner and chief designer of Polka Drops, known for her signature fringes and screen prints, has just released a collection for the winter and wedding festivities.

  • Fusing with Elegance

    Social media played its role as did word of mouth, and slowly, orders started rolling in from across international borders.

  • Anjan's:catering to all fashion tastes

    In business for than two decades, Anjan's is a common and well heard name amongst Bangladeshis for their massive collections in attires, home décor, jewellery and so much more.

  • Hamdard: A realm of Ayurvedics

    The field of medical science is reaching unprecedented advancements- vaccines for cancer, artificial pancreas, and electronic aspirin, to name a few. It seems like the spectrum of medicine is reaching whole new heights. But amid these scientific modern advancements, many opt for herbal medicine, more specifically known as Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Home Junction

    Home Junction is an online home décor store and is the brainchild of three wonderful women - Titly Ferdous, Badhon Hossain and Azwa Nayeem. It is a store unlike any other, with the intention of creating a positive social impact, while supporting multiple beneficial causes for both the environment and the people in our society.

  • Timeless Love by Chantilly

    “The name Chantilly immediately creates a certain image in the audience's mind, associated with delicate French lace and aesthetics, which is resonant of my ideal clientele,” Selina says of her inspiration. Nusrat is not a newbie to designing, having successfully participated in the Dhaka Fashion Week in 2010, under her own brand “MATIr”, which she discontinued later to tend to family responsibilities, mainly raising her son.

  • Connecting dots the right way

    Be that one person, who shows up to an event not looking like everyone else, but rather the one whom everyone comes up to asking, “Where did you get that dress from?”/ “You look great”/ “Your outfit is so fresh and different from what we see now.”

  • Taking it up a notch this Eid with Samuel Hoque

    The moment you set foot in Samuel Hoque's Style Sanctum, you feel welcome and at ease with this minimalist decor. Starting from his workstation, where all the magic happens, to his fabric rack, everything knows its place. A combination of black and white polka dots dominates as the very concept which lay the foundation of the Samuel Hoque brand, incorporated with elegance in every minute detail.