Evaly will make you a deal that you cannot refuse

The ambitious e-commerce platform provides a sleek online shopping experience. It requires strenuous effort to create a website with a great user interface (UI). It takes time, investment, expertise, and dedication. Just think about the innumerable sites with unresponsive search functions or confusing layout that you come across on a regular basis.

Beni Boonon: Braiding jute and magic

Beni, or braids, invoke in my mind lustrous locks of hair, strands intertwined, to make intricate artistic patterns. The same idea translates to beautifully textured rugs, at Beni Boonon – worked on by 300 women artisans in a cottage industry in Savar.

shop SPECIAL / Beautiful in Muslin

Muslin cotton may have been the grand attire of the British Royals and the Mughals, but it has always been our regional pride. While we may not have been able to keep up with our heritage and legacy over the years, but a few local designers wish to disagree to that statement.

shop special / Sari my beloved

The name Shahrukh Amin is a synonymous blend of heritage and tradition.

Preali: Your one-stop boutique

Piecing together the perfect outfits is a dream that requires a lot of consistent effort to come true. There has to be a balance of elegance, panache, and simplicity, but with enough flair to speak for your passion for fashion. It has to echo the high-street trends of

Modesty in style with Mariamah

Cultural and religious consideration has moulded a new sense of global fashion, which is now popularly termed as modest wear. Today, we see runways, global brands like Puma and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as international celebrities, noticeably embracing covered-up silhouettes, and creative layering.

Craftsman Fashion

These principals are testimony of the founder’s love for the environment and his morals, since leather tanning is one of the biggest sources of water contamination.

Jamdani treasure hunt ACROSS THREE CONTINENTS

Jamdani is a national treasure in Bangladesh. Women of all ages wear it with pride, and people from across the world come to Bangladesh to see it being woven and purchase a Dhakai sari of their own.


With the intent of bringing international trends introduced by luxury fashion brands like Versace, but at a more affordable price, and with a cultural tone, the line draws inspiration from baroque styles of art, architecture, and landscape designs, with the added touch of Fall.

Activate sport mode

Some people workout to make sure their lifestyles do not become sloth-like, while others love working out because of the adrenaline rush. And then there are some, who love just the idea of working out!

Trending casuals: Tenzing Chakma’s latest offers

Tenzing Chakma, one of the most accomplished designers in our country is known for spinning his magic into creations that present an eclectic blend of deeply rooted ethnic traditions and mainstream Bangladeshi fashion.

Do you have the time?

One might think that with having smartphones, the necessity of more traditional accessories or devices has faded away. But take a

Samuel Hoque is back

The Polka Boy has returned home this year, as he always does right before Eid, with an impeccable new line of menswear.

Amisheé, jewellery extraordinaire

Amisheé, a fine jewellery store on Gulshan Avenue, is riding high this festive season. It essentially caters to the taste of the new age Bangladeshi; the uber—women, who know what they want.

Awe and wonder of the House of Ahmed

“I wanted to give my studio a very nostalgic antique look; utilising the space such that it looks like cosy clutter. Everybody feels at ease and my clientele can look through the collection peacefully making sure that they make the right choice for their Eid-wear,” a very passionate Ahmed Tuhin

Quick efficient cooking with Sing-er

The best thing about food is that you do not have to be a foodie to love food. Even the skinniest person who has no appetite has a favourite food. And other than a number of desserts and certain food, most food tastes better warm. Of course, you can always cook or warm your food on the stove