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  • Evaly will make you a deal that you cannot refuse

    The ambitious e-commerce platform provides a sleek online shopping experience. It requires strenuous effort to create a website with a great user interface (UI). It takes time, investment, expertise, and dedication. Just think about the innumerable sites with unresponsive search functions or confusing layout that you come across on a regular basis.

  • Beni Boonon: Braiding jute and magic

    Beni, or braids, invoke in my mind lustrous locks of hair, strands intertwined, to make intricate artistic patterns. The same idea translates to beautifully textured rugs, at Beni Boonon – worked on by 300 women artisans in a cottage industry in Savar.

  • Elegance at the House of Ahmed

    The House of Ahmed, in the time-span of eight months, has become the talk of the town with their premium yet intricate ethnic-wear pieces.

  • Le Reve Pahela Baishakh Collection 2020: An odyssey to authenticity

    The inspiration behind the collection is best explained through the words of Monnujan Nargis, the CEO and head of the design team, Le Reve — “We tried to highlight not only the folklore, but also the traditional elements of Bengali urban life.

  • Sadakalo: An odyssey in monochrome

    A renowned fashion house that holds to a twist in terms of contrast, Sadakalo had entered the market on 4 October, 2002 at their outlet in Shimanto Square (formerly known as Rifles Square). Within a span of 17 years, Sadakalo now has various outlets in Bangladesh, and also outside of the country.

  • Mommy Beautiful with Mère

    A lot of woes have been discussed about pregnancy, but the most important of them all is perhaps how the clothes don’t fit anymore. The trauma of seeing people all around in their best clothes and looking as dapper as possible, when you resemble a potato sack — ‘stuck inside tremendously loose-fitting clothes,’ does have a terrible effect on your mental health.

  • Now that’s Dapper

    “Fit is king. If I am not happy with the fit of the suit, it is not walking out of Dapper,” says Shezzane Mozumder, director, Dapper Bespoke.

  • Beautiful in Muslin

    Muslin cotton may have been the grand attire of the British Royals and the Mughals, but it has always been our regional pride. While we may not have been able to keep up with our heritage and legacy over the years, but a few local designers wish to disagree to that statement.

  • Spark for winter

    For the ideal mix of trendy and casual, with added benefits of style and comfort, Spark Gear brings a wide range of clothing for women, men, and children, with complementary accessories and skin care products.

  • Zurhem only speaks grandeur

    Munir ensured that Zurhem’s personality is reflected on the décor and space of their flagship atelier. With the theme and layout of a quintessential bachelor pad, it is arranged to provide utmost calm and peace, where customers can walk in, have a cup of coffee, read books, look at some of the coolest art works collected by the designer, and relax.

  • Craftsman Fashion

    These principals are testimony of the founder’s love for the environment and his morals, since leather tanning is one of the biggest sources of water contamination.

  • Jamdani treasure hunt ACROSS THREE CONTINENTS

    Jamdani is a national treasure in Bangladesh. Women of all ages wear it with pride, and people from across the world come to Bangladesh to see it being woven and purchase a Dhakai sari of their own.


    With the intent of bringing international trends introduced by luxury fashion brands like Versace, but at a more affordable price, and with a cultural tone, the line draws inspiration from baroque styles of art, architecture, and landscape designs, with the added touch of Fall.

  • Activate sport mode

    Some people workout to make sure their lifestyles do not become sloth-like, while others love working out because of the adrenaline rush. And then there are some, who love just the idea of working out!

  • Trending casuals: Tenzing Chakma’s latest offers

    Tenzing Chakma, one of the most accomplished designers in our country is known for spinning his magic into creations that present an eclectic blend of deeply rooted ethnic traditions and mainstream Bangladeshi fashion.

  • Sari my beloved

    The name Shahrukh Amin is a synonymous blend of heritage and tradition.

  • Do you have the time?

    One might think that with having smartphones, the necessity of more traditional accessories or devices has faded away. But take a

  • Preali: Your one-stop boutique

    Piecing together the perfect outfits is a dream that requires a lot of consistent effort to come true. There has to be a balance of elegance, panache, and simplicity, but with enough flair to speak for your passion for fashion. It has to echo the high-street trends of

  • TR’s closet: From sisterhood to haute couture

    TR’s closet is a clothing store inspired by passion in creative pursuits shared by two sisters Farha Mahmud Trina and Sadia Mahmud

  • Aranya’s natural bounty

    This is one fashion house that celebrates earth tones in its most literal sense. Aranya pours its heart and soul into creating exquisite handmade, naturally dyed clothes for men, women, and children.

  • Klubhaus goes tribal

    Eid during summer can be quite the feat on its own, especially when you are out in the markets trying to find something fashionable, trendy but comfortable to wear. Opting for a local brand that highlights ethnic work on modern wear is the perfect symbiosis between the east and the west.

  • Wear PUMA with pride

    With the ICC World Cup 2019 just over the horizon, globally acclaimed German sports brand PUMA recently launched their maiden flagship store in Bangladesh. Whilst people slowly catch on to the cricket fever, gearing up to not only support their favourite teams, but also for local and street

  • Step into Eid with Orion Footwear Ltd.

    Shoes are one of the most important everyday companions in life. Whatever is worn, fashionable, classy, and long-lasting shoes are a must. And when it comes to festivals and special occasions, shoes which complement the clothes are always on top of the fashion forward person

  • Life made easy: Sing-er’s kitchen appliances

    Worn out by artificially flavoured drink mixes or regular ‘Lebur Shorbot’ to break the fast? Are these liquids failing miserably in brawling the blows of the scorching heat and most importantly failing in fulfilling your appetite? Craving for an add-on of liquid with the regular iftar items

  • Modesty in style with Mariamah

    Cultural and religious consideration has moulded a new sense of global fashion, which is now popularly termed as modest wear. Today, we see runways, global brands like Puma and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as international celebrities, noticeably embracing covered-up silhouettes, and creative layering.

  • Samuel Hoque is back

    The Polka Boy has returned home this year, as he always does right before Eid, with an impeccable new line of menswear.

  • Amisheé, jewellery extraordinaire

    Amisheé, a fine jewellery store on Gulshan Avenue, is riding high this festive season. It essentially caters to the taste of the new age Bangladeshi; the uber—women, who know what they want.

  • Awe and wonder of the House of Ahmed

    “I wanted to give my studio a very nostalgic antique look; utilising the space such that it looks like cosy clutter. Everybody feels at ease and my clientele can look through the collection peacefully making sure that they make the right choice for their Eid-wear,” a very passionate Ahmed Tuhin

  • Quick efficient cooking with Sing-er

    The best thing about food is that you do not have to be a foodie to love food. Even the skinniest person who has no appetite has a favourite food. And other than a number of desserts and certain food, most food tastes better warm. Of course, you can always cook or warm your food on the stove

  • Get glam with the golden glow

    It is a fact universally acknowledged that women’s hearts are set aflutter by the sheen and shimmer of gold. That it is an investment and something one passes down to the next generation, is only secondary. What truly matters is its aesthetic role in adorning a woman