ABCs of YOGA health benefits

Asthma and arthritic conditions improve, adrenal glands are regulated

Blood pressure balances, improves blood flow

Circulation improves

Diabetes and depression reduces, regulates blood sugar, increases endorphins

Energy level increases, stamina

Fitness and flexibility increases

Gastronomical health improves, prevents Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive problems

Heart strengthens, cardiac conditions improve

Insomnia reduces, immunity increases

Joint tension released, prevents joint and cartilage breakdown

Knee injuries prevented, rehabilitation for injured knees

Lumbar pain and other back pains reduced, chances of slip disks reduces

Metabolism increases so you burn more calories

Nervous system regulated

Obesity addressed

Pain relief for muscles and joints, reduces chronic aches, improves posture

Quad and hamstring stretches

Rheumatism pains reduced

Stretches + strengthening of muscles

Toning of muscles

Underweight problems also addressed

Viruses and allergies decrease

Wellbeing of all organs and functions improves 

Sexual health improves – stamina, libido, body awareness

Youthfulness in body and skin returns

Zaps toxins, reduces risks of many stress related diseases

By Shazia Omar

Shazia Omar is a yoga instructor. Check her out at Facebook/yogilates in Dhaka. To join her class, please email her: [email protected]


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