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  • Flower Moon

    Today's full moon is called the Flower Moon in honour of May's abundant blooms. Flower Moon observations revolve around the bounty and beauty of nature this time of the year. The name has Native American origins, and in North America at this time, there are multitude of wildflowers in bloom, such as anemones, wild garlic, indigo, bluebells, lupines, sundrops, and violets.
  • Know your knees

    Ask any med student, and they will all agree that the knee is probably the most complex joint in the body. As a matter of fact most of the people who take up my course come with problems related to weak knees, or injury. Others suffer back aches that originate from their knees, although they do not even realise it.
  • weight loss

    Corporate yoga for productivity in the workplace

    Yoga improves mental, psychological and physical health. Mindfulness techniques can help people reduce stress. Meditation can help
  • Strong to the Core

    There are three core muscles in the abdominals: the transverse, the rectus and the internal and external obliques. In pilates, this core is referred to as the Power House. The power house is made up of three sets of muscles”
  • No More Back Pain

    Most of us spend hours at the office, sitting on a chair (that is perhaps not ergonomically designed), with our necks bent towards a