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  • Shazia Omar

  • Tete-a-tete with Ellen Johannesen

    I was always interested in spirituality and yoga felt like an extension of that. I grew up in Norway and I loved to dance. I loved to move.
  • The Brahma mudra

    Externally simple, the Brahma mudra allows you to access deeper channels of inner focus. Everyone can do it, but its potency grows as students go deeper into their practice.
  • Interview of a Yogi: Gillian Breetzke

    I have always been interested in spirituality, and wanted to understand more about life and our existence here on earth.
  • Tete-a-tete with Daniel Stringer

    How did you get interested in yoga?
  • Tête-à-tête with Michela Accerenzi

    When I moved to Dhaka and was invited to a yogilates’ class, I did not know what to expect, but after the very first class with Shazia Omar, I knew I had found something I needed.