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  • Shazia Omar

  • Tête-à-tête with Michela Accerenzi

    When I moved to Dhaka and was invited to a yogilates’ class, I did not know what to expect, but after the very first class with Shazia Omar, I knew I had found something I needed.
  • Lions Breath – Roar Away Your Toxins!

    Arguably Simhasana is the funniest looking yoga pose, but also, Lion’s Breath is a powerful way to release toxins and clear your mind!
  • Tête-à-tête with Tim Feldmann

    Tim is one of the most amazing yoga teachers I have come across. Prior to yoga, he was a dancer, but a near-lethal fall left him unable to walk. Years of yoga helped him rehabilitate and heal. Today, we will venture into his amazing story.
  • A tête-à-tête with George Anthony

    I had the pleasure of meeting George, an inspiring yogi, on one of my yoga training getaways in Koh Samui. His dedication to the practice, his sincerity and his humour, his commitment to his students, caught my interest. After exchanging a few words, I asked him for an interview and here it is.
  • The rise in the popularity of yoga

    If the body is stiff and the mind is rigid, what life can one live? The practice of yoga is to remove weeds from the body so that a garden can grow. Yoga stretches and strengthens the mind, body and spirit. No wonder yoga is the top choice for people living healthy lifestyles.