A couple’s journey from office desks to street food cart

The couple – Emu Akter and Fasiur Rahman, married for six years – started this business not out of necessity but out of passion for the food they cook.

1m ago

Cooking up memories: Food that remind of mother's love

Whether it's the taste of your grandmother's signature kachki macher chorchori, or a steaming pot of tehari prepared by your mother, the taste is tied to emotions and specific moments in time, making nostalgia hit hard. 

1m ago

The healthiest diet around: Exploring Japanese cuisine

With an emphasis on unprocessed and fresh food, Japanese food can boast as one of the healthiest dietary choices in the world. Modern Japanese cuisine features all sorts of ingredients.

1m ago

Say no to French Fries? Which foods to eat and to avoid this summer

Beat the summer heat by opting for a diet that keeps you cool and energised. These dietary changes not only help regulate body temperature but also prevent dehydration and bloating, ensuring you stay healthy and refreshed all summer long.

1m ago

Achar chronicles: From sun-drenched rooftops to digital marketplaces

For different people, the word achar — the South Asian term for pickles — evokes different memories. Some revel in the memory of seeing their mothers or grandmothers sitting in the courtyards with jars of achar.

2m ago

Tasting authentic Dhakaiya food outside Puran Dhaka

Discover Dhakaiya Chapkhana, a new aesthetic cafe in town serving authentic Dhaka cuisine. Admire the colourful wall depicting Dhaka's historic monuments as you indulge in flavourful dishes.

3m ago

Types of coffees and how to order them

Even if coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world, a good many of us get confused about what to order, owing to the variety of drinks that can be made with it. Well, save yourself the anxiety because here’s a guide to ordering coffees that will make you fall in love with java all over again!

3m ago

Bangladeshi-American chef Nur-E Gulshan Rahman nominated for James Beard Award

Bangladeshi-born American chef Nur-E Gulshan Rahman has recently been shortlisted for the Best Chef in the Mid-Atlantic category by the James Beard Foundation. This is one of the most coveted culinary awards in the United States, often referred to as the “Oscars of Food”. Hosted annually, the award recognises individuals and restaurants who are behind America’s contemporary thriving food culture.

4m ago

Mastering food presentation: A guide to styling your dishes

So, you worked for hours to make food that you or your loved ones will enjoy. While food presentation is often a last thought, it excites the senses of those eating it. Read on to learn how to plate your tasty foods like a pro with just a few easy tips!

5m ago

Boost your mood naturally: Foods that make you happy

Popularly known as the happy hormone, dopamine enhances feelings of well-being and pleasure. Although it has been widely acknowledged that indulging oneself or engaging in various activities can trigger a surge of dopamine, scientific findings reveal that certain food items can elicit a similar response!

5m ago

Fresh on the shelves: Buying organic products

While buying agro-produce from local bazaars, superstores, or even farmer’s markets, we want to ensure that the products are free from insecticides and other harmful chemicals. To avoid such harmful products, many of us are now opting for organic foods.

6m ago

Alfresco celebrates 9 delicious years of amazing food and great company

Alfresco's menu is a treasure trove of different flavours and surprisingly enough, you can enjoy it without breaking the bank. You cannot go wrong with a comforting bowl of their ''Pasta Basta.” On the other hand, their pizza Bolognese or pizza Delicia are perfect for sharing with friends. Also, if you have not tried it already, their pizza sandwiches are a must-have!

7m ago

From CHT and beyond: Arpon Changma and his fusion cuisine

Arpon Changma’s creations in his restaurant, BBQ Express, combine elements of diverse culinary traditions that originated from different regions and cultures of Bangladesh. With utmost finesse, they craft and promote a “Texas-inspired, Chittagong Hill Tracts influenced” barbecue joint.

7m ago

6 traditional Bengali recipes for Durga Puja

Durga Puja is an elaborate affair, especially in Bangladesh and West Bengal. Spread across the days of the festivities, food remains an integral part of the celebrations. The following are some of the traditional, time-tested recipes associated with Durga Puja.

8m ago

Reinventing the pujo feast

Everyone talks about food during pujo. More often than not, khichuri, polao, ilish, chingri and mangsho tends to land leading roles in these discussions with luchi, and cholar dal playing solid supporting roles. And of course, beyond all this there are sweets. Artful, creative, delicate, yet honest to god mishti. Sandesh, kamolabhog, chandrapuli, narkel naru… the list can go on.

8m ago

Wallet feeling thin? Here are 5 places to eat under Tk 200!

We have searched and scoured the city to bring you the top 5 inexpensive hangout spots, all under Tk 200!

8m ago

6 most expensive coffees you wish you could afford!

Here are the 6 most expensive coffees in the world that you can only dream of having.

8m ago

Taste the best of Bangladesh: Must-try dishes and destinations

With its rich history and culture, most places in Bangladesh offer something of interest. Not only is there plenty to see, but also there’s plenty to taste. Here is a short list (and in no way comprehensive) of places you can travel while treating your palate.

8m ago
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