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  • Exploring the world of exotic fruits

    Most people unfortunately fail to consume the two recommended servings of fruits a day. Even if your daily midday summer treat consists of your favourite fruit,

  • Mangoes: A love for the ages

    The only reason you are not rioting about this sweltering summer heat is because it coincides with the season of the ‘King of fruits,’ Mangoes. Auspicious, fragrant, juicy, pulpy, having mangoes is nearly therapeutic. Sour or sweet, ripe or unripe, mangoes in any form never fails to hit your taste bud right.

  • A healthy tomorrow

    Let’s zero in on food safety! After all, it is World Food Safety Day today. And it is also a major issue to be dealt with in Bangladesh, as it is all across the world; during the pandemic, it is even more crucial.

  • Food safety innovations you just cannot miss

    The month of June celebrates something we all love — food! There have been many technologies innovated and introduced globally that serve to ensure that absolutely the safest and best food is delivered to consumers.

  • Chocolate!

    “Do it yourself” or DIY is the modifying prevalent method amongst the social media community, with ideas being shared about clothing to food without the direct aid of experts or professionals. DIY fun food ideas are always quick, easy to make and associated with one’s own creativity.

  • Post-Eid Munchies

    Food is the universal language of celebration. Come to think of it, every occasion or festival is incomplete without a little indulgence and food. However, sometimes, we tend to splurge a bit too much and cook out of proportion, especially when the occasion is highly significant, such as Eid.

  • UMAI, authentic Japanese cuisine

    Looking for authentic Japanese dining experience and that too at an affordable rate? There’s one place in town that surely lives up to the expectations — UMAI in Gulshan 2.

  • Easy iftar and sehri recipes

    Raise your hand if pasta is the only solution for all kinds of dinner emergencies. You don’t have any meal prepared for the unsolicited guests who just won’t go away without enjoying a hearty meal? Well, there’s always the ‘easy to cook’ pasta as your side aide.

  • Healthy Iftar by Dr. Green

    This week, we will share four watermelon recipes — one for a juice, one for a dessert, one for an appetiser and one for a main dish.

  • Immunity boosters

    Some of the basic vegetables used in this soup are green papaya, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, long beans and mushrooms. You can use any other vegetable you prefer like broccoli, snow peas, peas, baby corn and so on.

  • The caffeinated love affair

    To the unsung T S Elliot within you who’s measured out his life in coffee spoons, it’s okay if you never quite knew just what it was about the same coffee shop you love so much.

  • Nurturing warmth with sweet freeze

    Gelatos has always been a favourite at our dinner tables serving as the prime dessert course. They pack a brilliant punch of intensified flavour, making it the perfect complement to have in any setting.

  • Farzi Café —Take your taste bud on a heavenly ride

    Bored of regular pizza and pasta? A lazy afternoon cheeseburger doesn’t cut it anymore? Yearning for a more familiar taste to tantalise your taste buds? Then look no further because Farzi Café — an amalgamation of traditional global cuisine, with an Indian touch, modern presentation culinary styles, and ambience — is the ideal place to go.

  • Snacking on the go!

    A delicious snack that consists of three crunchy cookies sandwiched between two generous layers of thick and velvety cream,

  • Instant snack solution for children

    PRAN Mama Wafer not only creates a delightful sensation due to its delicious taste, but it can be associated with excerpts from childhood as well.

  • The perfect winter soups

    After a whole year of scorching heat and suffocating humidity, winter is a season loved and welcomed by most. However, the negatives are those cold foggy mornings, the freezing cold tap water, the reluctance to get out from those warm beds, and coughs and colds.

  • Filling snack for every break

    You can’t just go back to sleep and you can’t just ignore the hunger either. It’s too late to cook anyway and let’s face it, who wants to cook at 1AM? What if we had a solution for times just like this?

  • History of tea

    Having tea has always enmeshed with our favourite past times, be it sitting in the garden reading a book, having a family discussion, or even sharing a cup of tea with strangers in a nearby ‘tong,’ striking up interesting conversations and new friendships. Since ancient times to the current age,

  • Eating out at The Red Window

    It burns red — a jewel tucked away in an otherwise ordinary lane in Gulshan 1 — The Red Window may be dubbed as a patisserie-cum-café on the surface, but underneath a magnifying glass, you will discover it is much more precious than that.

  • Nawab Chatga

    Nawab Chatga vibes different than the fancy, fine-dining restaurants popping up all over Dhaka city. This diner stands humbly unwashed amid the wave of luxury interiors that inspire aestheticism in the era of Instagram.

  • Festive buffet at The InterContinental Dhaka

    The pandemic and its associated lockdown have made us appreciate the little things, our priorities and most interestingly, even the‘finer things’ in our daily mundane lives. Things that we usually take for granted because of its habitual presence.

  • Raffinato: For the love of authentic Italian cuisine

    In Dhaka, there are several eateries serving Italian delicacies, but Raffinato may be argued to be a cut above, as this restaurant in Gulshan-2 is relentless about serving only authentic Italian and not unoriginal versions or twists of it.

  • Marzan’s Kitchen

    Colours and flavours; two of the most common words used to describe our culture and food. Needless to say, we love the spices and how they play with our taste buds. While our local cuisine holds a special emotional weight, it is okay to crave something exotic every once in a while.

  • Everyday recipes from the heart

    Mash or blend the poppy seeds and the green chillies together, and make a paste. Keep aside. Peel the potatoes and cut into small dices. Steam or half-boil the potatoes. Keep aside.

  • Saltz: The ultimate seafood bonanza

    Many years ago, when Saltz first opened its doors, the seafood dining scene in Dhaka was more or less non-existent.

  • Summer drinks galore

    Beaches, fresh fruits, rain, and chilled drinks — all these draw up the perfect picture of summer. No matter how much we despise the gruelling heat, one cannot deny that we longingly look forward to these experiences during the hot and humid season. However, like everything else, summer comes with its own set of drawbacks.

  • 2019 Christmas Goodies

    Christmas Goodies

    It is Christmas eve today, and yet there are always those of us in a fix about buying presents for loved ones

  • Christmas Delights

    What’s better than the gifts you find under the Christmas tree on 25 December? The heavenly delights waiting on the dinner table, that’s what!

  • No toxic chemicals found in seasonal fruits: BSTI

    Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution (BSTI) submits a report to the High Court saying that it has recently tested seasonal fruits and found no health hazardous chemicals in them.

  • Fresh feastings

    Preheat the oven to 350 °F or 175 °C. Pour the chicken broth into a small roasting pan, and set aside.