Architect by day, baker by passion: Arifa Malik Bristy on crafting delightful cookies

The worlds of architecture and baking are certainly quite different. Yet, both require precision and planning, which architect Arifa Malik Bristy – the CEO of architectural firm, Irenderer – has mastered.

1d ago

Why judging our taste for red meat is a recipe for disaster

With the rise of trendy diets, technicalities, and jargon from the "plant-based" movement, it's enough to send an average foodie into a spiral of culinary confusion. This is why most veteran meat lovers, who relish their biriyani and beef bhuna, remain unfazed by such diet wars.

1w ago

Shutki’s trip to Detroit: How shutki pizza is winning American hearts

The story of shutki pizza is one of cultural exchange and culinary innovation, showcasing how traditional flavours can find new expressions and appreciation in diverse contexts.

2w ago

A couple’s journey from office desks to street food cart

The couple – Emu Akter and Fasiur Rahman, married for six years – started this business not out of necessity but out of passion for the food they cook.

1m ago

Cooking up memories: Food that remind of mother's love

Whether it's the taste of your grandmother's signature kachki macher chorchori, or a steaming pot of tehari prepared by your mother, the taste is tied to emotions and specific moments in time, making nostalgia hit hard. 

2m ago

The healthiest diet around: Exploring Japanese cuisine

With an emphasis on unprocessed and fresh food, Japanese food can boast as one of the healthiest dietary choices in the world. Modern Japanese cuisine features all sorts of ingredients.

2m ago

Say no to French Fries? Which foods to eat and to avoid this summer

Beat the summer heat by opting for a diet that keeps you cool and energised. These dietary changes not only help regulate body temperature but also prevent dehydration and bloating, ensuring you stay healthy and refreshed all summer long.

2m ago

Achar chronicles: From sun-drenched rooftops to digital marketplaces

For different people, the word achar — the South Asian term for pickles — evokes different memories. Some revel in the memory of seeing their mothers or grandmothers sitting in the courtyards with jars of achar.

3m ago

Wallet feeling thin? Here are 5 places to eat under Tk 200!

We have searched and scoured the city to bring you the top 5 inexpensive hangout spots, all under Tk 200!

9m ago

6 most expensive coffees you wish you could afford!

Here are the 6 most expensive coffees in the world that you can only dream of having.

9m ago

Taste the best of Bangladesh: Must-try dishes and destinations

With its rich history and culture, most places in Bangladesh offer something of interest. Not only is there plenty to see, but also there’s plenty to taste. Here is a short list (and in no way comprehensive) of places you can travel while treating your palate.

9m ago

Celebrate the sweet things in life with ‘Just Desserts’ and ‘Ganachery’

Cakes are known to be the embodiment of joy, a sweet crescendo that amplifies every special occasion. Cake makers have the ability to create a picturesque combination of our favourite flavours with fragments of our most beautiful memories or imagination. One such magician is, Shahzabeen Alam Chowdhury, the creator of ‘Just Desserts.’ 

9m ago

5 budget-friendly places for students to eat in Dhaka

We all know the struggle of student life in Dhaka; tuition and tummy rumbles, trying to stretch every Taka to cover it all. But fear not, for we have compiled a list of the ultimate wallet friendly places to eat in Dhaka for you guys so you can save those hard-earned cash for things that really matter.

9m ago

Progressive Bangladeshi Cuisine by AxR

The fine-dining event was hosted in CERO on 19 – 20 August 2023, on a pre-booking basis, with tickets selling out in a day! After all, two renowned faces in the culinary industry were the ones behind the scenes. Chef Rashedul Hasan won hearts for being the first Bangladeshi participant in MasterChef Australia. Growing up in Dhaka, he has fond memories of his family cooking fresh meals, which sparked his interest in cooking.

10m ago

How to make soy milk

Soy milk is slowly replacing dairy milk worldwide. It is extracted by grinding soybeans and squeezing out the liquid from the mixture to form a milk-based item.

10m ago

Zephyr: A gentle breeze on the plate

Zephyr, meaning a gentle breeze, is a restaurant that culminates the three things that Dhaka city lacks tremendously — a marvellous view of the big blue sky, rejuvenating fresh air, and lush greenery everywhere the eye can see.

11m ago

Mindful Eating: How to nurture a healthy relationship with food

It is easy to develop thoughtless eating behaviours in today's fast-paced society where there is little time for reflection. This problem is made worse by processed meals and marketing, which makes people feel disconnected from their dietary preferences. Let us explore the practice of mindful eating and the methods for developing a positive relationship with food.

11m ago

Signature by Khazana: An Indian restaurant like no other

If you are on the lookout for a restaurant where you can experience authentic Indian cuisine, Signature by Khazana, a new restaurant that opened in Gulshan on 12 July is the must-visit place for you.

11m ago
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