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  • Got (plant) Milk?

    You need to unleash the mad scientist in you, and look at an ingredient in terms of how it “behaves” when tampered with, and not what it's called or what you are used to seeing it as. You want to mimic the smell, taste, and texture of your favourite dish, and when you find the winning combination of your plant-based ingredients to do just that, the end result is often better than the original! Let me clarify further.

  • Super Food Mushroom the fungi

    Super Food - Mushroom, the fungi

    Categorised as vegetable in stores and as fungi in books, mushrooms are what you make out of them. Most of us are accustomed to using mushrooms in numerous dishes, mostly as appetizers. But its huge array of health benefits are often overshadowed by its incredible taste.

  • Good old ginger

    Ginger, or the ginger root, which is the underground stem of the Zingiber Officinale plant, has been widely regarded as one of the super foods that can cure almost every ailment known to man. Is this a fact…or a myth?

  • Give peas a chance

    One of my earliest childhood recollections of Dhaka winters include peas. I can still remember that big, white, tin plate — one that was usually taken out after a big grocery haul — with blue flowers drawn on it.

  • Go nuts with almonds

    We all experience cravings and often end up snacking on unhealthy food. Almonds are not only a great snack, but also the most nutrition packed nuts of them all.

  • Healthy food for healthy hair

    Healthy food for healthy hair

    Several factors influence hair growth — genetics, age, hormones, and nutrients. Hair strands are basically made of protein and because of this, unless we consume foods high in nutritional content

  • cold food

    Fight the cold with food

    As the temperature continues to drop it becomes increasingly challenging to maintain a healthy diet, though we can try to enrich our menu with some winter friendly foods.

  • Flavours of Middle East

    Season the fish fillets with salt, pepper, garlic and lemon juice and mustard. Keep in the chiller for 20 minutes, and mix flour in the bowl with little salt and pepper and water (it will have a slightly thick consistency when poured into a piping bag).

  • Garlic the Great!

    Garlic the Great!

    “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.

  • The Pomegranate: Seeds of Youth

    The pomegranate fruit has been prized in the Middle East for thousands of years for its huge array of benefits, not to mention the beauty of the jewel like kernels. And although it is a fruit we commonly consume here, we have not been very mindful of its immense nutritional value. It is time that we take the pomegranate seriously