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  • Mannan Mashhur Zarif

  • The Rebel Bride

    As much as we want to avoid, we are now faced with weddings that have layer upon layer of hullabaloo before the big day, to the extent that one often gets exhausted. More so for the bride, but not so much for the rebellious kind.
  • Nawabs, Maharajas Valiant men

    Weddings are a celebration of life, and a chance for the bride and the groom to share the flair on stage, as they embark on a journey together, hand in hand.
  • Thee Gouri Narayani — Who art three-eyed

    If you are thinking this is yet another piece on our fantasy regarding the quintessential Bengali belle and their mesmerising eyes, then pause. This is exactly that…and perhaps, a little more.
  • “Eat, pray, love” — not necessarily in that order

    I Googled “Sharing food,” and the results were as bizarre as the search itself. But it proved a point.
  • Meat of the matter

    Eid day; the men, the women, and the children have all returned from Eid prayers. The butcher — amateur in all aspects — gets busy with his new found profession; he is the ubiquitous ‘butcher for a day’ on active service!