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  • Mannan Mashhur Zarif

  • Dissecting social networks: The truth about our commenting habits

    I joined social networking platforms fresh out of university. In the mid-2000s it seemed like the most happening thing to do. Failing to reap the pleasures of poking, or keeping my pet puppy, Whiskey, healthy — I felt I was a miserable virtual socialite.
  • Dhaka’s online food business

    The lockdown-days of the coronavirus outbreak gave many a second chance to rediscover their inner fortes. While some resorted to taking up the pen or the painting brush, others looked deep into their recipe books and some honed their baking skills. Quite a few took the next, not necessarily the obvious, step!
  • A paper trail: Preserving fragments of an epoch

    Collecting memorabilia is not a recent phenomenon, but appreciation for such assortments have today garnered much interest among the general populace. Ever since the days of our freedom struggle, there has been individuals who have preserved historical artefacts related to the Liberation War for future generations.
  • Fashion brands see slow sale ahead of Victory Day

    Over the last two decades, Victory Day became a festivity of sorts for a lot of urban people. To cater to the growing demand, prominent fashion brands have been bringing out collections themed in red and green, and in the last few years, sales surrounding the day have consistently been high, industry insiders said.
  • Cloud kitchen: a recipe for growth in food business?

    When the coronavirus pandemic hit Bangladesh early in March, most industries got up and on their toes. Fearing bankruptcy, they scratched their heads and looked for a way out.