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  • Mannan Mashhur Zarif

  • Cloud kitchen: a recipe for growth in food business?

    When the coronavirus pandemic hit Bangladesh early in March, most industries got up and on their toes. Fearing bankruptcy, they scratched their heads and looked for a way out.
  • The other side of Dr Fatema Begum

    Born in Rangpur and raised in a peaceful environment, nature did not touch her that way back then. She grew up in a family surrounded by brothers, and hardly ever enjoyed anything else other than a game of cricket or volleyball.
  • Dr Sayedur Rahman Khan: In the Mission of Mending Hearts

    Being a Cardiac Surgeon, or being a doctor for that matter, was not his personal calling, rather much like a typical desi story, decided by the family patriarch. But even from his student life studying MBBS at Dhaka Medical College, he realised being a doctor was, in his capacity, a way to serve people.
  • Finding Dr Reyan Anis

    Her mother, the late Colonel Rokaiya Anis, was one of the most renowned gynaecologists in post-independence Bangladesh and a pioneering female gynaecologist in the Bangladesh Armed Forces.
  • The man beyond the art

    Apart from being one of the most prominent modern painters of Bangladesh, it is common knowledge that Murtaja Baseer wore a hat with many feathers. He was not only an accomplished painter, noted novelist, and all in all, a socially conscious individual, but also a keen collector of coins, stamps, bank notes, and matchboxes.