#Decor / The art of buying your best bookshelf

If you belong to that crowd who wants to buy a bookshelf for either you or any of your loved ones, keep in mind the following useful tips and you would make the most satisfying purchase.

Christmas decorations to complete the festive season!

The seasonal tradition of decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most anticipated events every year.

Choosing the correct fabric for sofas

Choices of fabrics are probably considered one of the least concerning factors while buying a sofa. But they are just as important as the design, cushions and the pillows. There are a lot of options out there and it can get confusing sometimes.

Latest curtain trends of 2021

The curtains present in our home certainly make the home décor look better along with giving us protection from dust, direct sunlight, and guarding our privacy. There is no denying that finely selected and fitted curtains can greatly help in adding an elegant dimension to the interiors; hence, let’s explore the latest curtain trends.

Wall paint for home decor

One of the major aspects of interior designing is the paint and art on the walls of the rooms. Wall art and paint can enhance the entire appearance and add aesthetic appeal to one’s home. These parts of interior design allow one to express their lifestyle, personality and be creative with their household.

Greens for the office table

If this is your first foray into office plants, then buckle up! To help you, we have here some suggestions of easy-care plants. Even if you’re not quite the gardening type, these planting projects are the perfect match for you since they require very little aftercare.

HATIL Virtual Showroom: A Dazzling way of Shopping

Worry not, for HATIL understands your woes and is pioneering a new way of furniture shopping.

Shared office spaces

Pulling up a Sayl chair and settling in to your designated hot desk at your usual 9-5 is what drags the working class out of bed five days a week, 260 days a year. But this daily phenomenon is not achieved by the weaning appeal of cold floors, boring beiges and isolated workstations.

Trends that need to be on your radar

Home décor is much like fashion; it changes with each season, bringing with it something new to keep our surroundings fresh.

Décor mistakes that age the home

Decorating mistakes are part of the homemaker’s coming of age process— even the best interior designers have had their fair shares

Jazz up your cubicle

Admit it, being stuck in a cubicle was not exactly what you imagined when you were writing ‘My Aim in Life’ as a second grader.

Of art and muse

But there is more to wall art than just beauty. For starters, art is a universally accepted way of people sharing their thoughts and feelings. It is a unique form of dialogue through which people share ideas and impressions without primarily using spoken language.

Decorating a teenager's room

Thanks to Hollywood and other existing norms, we often relate teenagers and their rooms to be their den, a place for meditation and salvation, either flamboyantly decorated in hues of pink and peach, or overladen with clumsy posters of celebrities with loud music blaring from speakers.

'Decorate'-It-Yourself everyday!

‘Less is more' is the motto for modern day home décor. As a matter of fact, the idealised 21st century home is clutter-free and decorated with minimalist furniture.

Divide and rule

A brilliant way to spice up your living space making it more useful is by adding more dimensions, and a great way to do that is through room dividers.

Using flower as decor

From adding a pop of colours to complementing the subtle aesthetics of your homes, the art of flower arrangement is one that can instantly make your abode perk up. In fact, the Japanese have a whole artform called Ikebana, dedicated to the delicate art of flower arrangement. While you don't quite have to spend hours mastering

Giving class to the glass

While we are always much excited to style ourselves in new clothes and makeup with the every season's trends, we seldom come up with ideas to decorate our living spaces. After all, home is where the heart is, and the décor of your home tells a great deal about yourself. A very simple technique used to give your house a creative makeover within a short budget is to play with

Bringing Out the Eid Spirit

Amidst all the divine chaos surrounding Eid preparations, the last one to get our attention is our home. Have you thought about what look you are going to give it? What ambiance will greet your guests? Or what interior will welcome you back from delicious food infused Eid get togethers? If not, it is still not too late to give it a thought. We got your back!