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Celebrating Pohela Falgun

By Nileema Huda Khan

Bangladesh is known for its distinctive six seasons. The most awaited season of all is Boshonto or spring. It begins on first day of Bengali month, Falgun, which is the thirteenth of February in the Gregorian calendar.
You can wake up early at dawn and catch sunrise with your loved one over a cup of warm tea. Then put on your merriest of outfit and head out to celebrate the day. Dhaka city has events going on at all times. You can start your day with live music, poetry, dance and rallies at Bakultala of Institute of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. In the afternoon you can head to Rabindra Shorobor or Bahadur Shah Park to attend carnivals and musical soirees. The Ekushey Boi Mela is another popular hangout spot for the day, where you can pick your choice from the best of Bengali literature.

Maliha Khan, student of Dhaka University spoke about her experience of this day, “Pohela Falgun means music, colour and happiness to me. Women usually wear yellow saris, but nowadays they also wear greens, reds, pinks and blues. On the day of the event, beautiful floral wreaths are available all across the city for Tk. 20-30. These look exquisite with saris and bring out the element of spring. I looked forward to the concerts at TSC, and Charukola was a must-visit place as it was decorated spectacularly for the day.”

Nadira Begum, housewife, reminisced about Pohela Falgun festivities during her school years, “My sisters and I used to wake up earlier than the usual and our house would be buzzing with activity. One sister would help us wear the saris, another would tie our hair and do the makeup. We used to wait eagerly for our school assembly to finish after which we would sing Boshonto Boron songs, such as “Esho mili praner utshobe” and “Aha aji ei boshonte.”  There used to be fairs where you could buy jewellery, flowers, and have chotpoti, fuchka, cotton candy, jhalmuri and a delicious assortment of pithas.”

So what are your Pohela Falgun plans? Have you gotten your outfit ready and made plans with friends about which concerts to attend? Make this Pohela Falgun special by stepping out and embracing the mild breeze of spring, its luscious greens and vivid yellows. Put on your best clothes and smile, and say goodbye to the wintry blues, as spring is here to greet you.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Heera, Srabostty, Nadia, Abony,  Arpita
Wardrobe: Deshal
Makeup: Farzana Shakil
Jewellery: Kolors of Kathmandu











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