Book Review

Book Review

book review / Ekushe February: An ode to an unforgettable event

The book is titled: Ekushe February. The title gives away the theme of the book undoubtedly. What’s so special about it? What’s special is the fact that this is the first ever compilation in Bangla literature on the events of the language movement of 1952.

Dina Begum and her Brick Lane cookbook

For some reason, at least in England, Bangladeshi curry houses took everyone by storm in the ‘70s. And Dina Begum proves once more that it was largely because of the unique culinary prowess of the Bengali immigrants, attempting to escape the torment of the Liberation War.

Book Review / The making of motifs

This non-fiction is a comprehensive documentation of the ancient Jamdani motifs, with introductions, sources, explanations, line drawings, images and anecdotes attached to them; making it a holy grail for design students, textile and fashion designers, artisans, weavers, researchers, fashion entrepreneurs and craft enthusiasts.

Book Review / Nazneen Haque Mimi's Travel Journal

What makes travelogues intriguing still? Why do people still make an effort to read when complementing images alone can take one through a journey into the unknown— the chaos of a city; the sublimity of wilderness?

Book Review / Alpana Habib — “the happy homecook”

Almost four hundred prime-time television recipe shows. Over 24,000 Likes on the Facebook page, ‘Alpana Habibs Cooking Club.’

Book Review / A Different Kind of Cookbook

Occasionally, a cookbook comes along that lures you into hours of reading. The recently published Recipes from Bangladesh by Fawzia Mowla (fondly known as “Lisa”) is one such book.

Boimela Picks / Photography tips that don’t come with the camera box!

A very easy to read but pretty hard to describe, this book, is even harder to take it in for budding photographers who have bought a DSLR and think reading the manual that came in the pack has everything they need to know.

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