Ways to use ChatGPT for higher productivity

People have embraced ChatGPT for its apparent benefits in the fields of writing, studying, research, and much more.

Despite the apprehensions prevalent in workplaces regarding the conversational AI tool, experts say that ChatGPT is not going to take away people's jobs anytime soon but can actually help them be much more productive in their work.

Alternative to Google

What Google does in two steps, ChatGPT does in one. Here, a researcher would not need to sift through multiple links to find out the information they need. Feeding the bot a few keywords can give one the exact information, open on their screens and ready to read, or even copy, without plagiarism concerns. Even if the information fed to ChatGPT is only until 2021 and hence not up to date, the AI tool has the potential to analyse and articulate information from a number of different websites to give you the most relevant responses, in simple, understandable language.

As a Writing Tool

Writers need not worry yet, as ChatGPT does not have the humane touch or expression that is required in deep, soulful writing, much less the versatility to change voices like a seasoned writer does. Generic text can, however, be written up faster with this tool. This includes cover letters, work emails, employee evaluations, work orders, etc. Writers can use it like a writing assistant or a "thought partner", asking it for synonyms and creative ideas when the need arises. It can save one hours and hours of work.

Data Analysis

Feed it language-based data and ChatGPT can analyse a lot of it in seconds. As an academic, this would save one all the time that they would have to otherwise spend on doing statistical analysis by hand. It can also help one make investment decisions, by being able to identify trends in the market, figuring out what parts of the portfolio are doing better than others and even help to forecast a better investment mix with information from other investment companies.

Coding Assistant

A Columbia Business School professor, Oded Netzer feels that AI can help coders by enhancing their work and boosting their creativity. "It actually can write code quite well." he says. A TickTock user was even able to get the bot to identify one of his coding errors and it did so with ease.

A Good Friend

The benefits of using ChatGPT are limitless. One can liken it to an electronic pal who can help you create the best work schedules for your day, churn out the most convenient meal plans, and even tell you what may or may not be feasible for you, given your time constraints. 

You can turn to it when you need ideas on how to start a business or answer certain delicate customer queries. What is more, the tool can even help you negotiate a raise with your employers by giving you an intelligent negotiation script. Much like a friend, its responses even get better and more accurate with use, as it starts to "know" you. While it may not be prudent to let your bot friend in on sensitive work or personal information just yet, due to safety concerns, one can rely on ChatGPT to make life much easier over the next few years.


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