A guide to the perfect wedding gift

A guide to the perfect wedding gift
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Weddings may be an extravagant occasion but that does not mean you cannot find the right gift for the couple and be a part of their special day. The trick to finding the perfect wedding gift lies in customisation; knowing what the couple wants or what can contribute to making their new journey even more memorable. Here we have noted down an easy guide to selecting the perfect wedding gift. 

Think logically 

What best describes the pair you are shopping for? Are they the adventurous type, or are they foodies who would jump at the chance to enjoy a wonderful dinner at a posh restaurant? Or do they prefer more sentimental gifts like a hand-drawn portrait of their wedding day? 

 Make a list of their personalities, likes, and dislikes, and utilise it to generate wedding present suggestions.

Plan a group gift 

To buy an expensive gift, try to convince some friends or family members to chip in and find a nice gift for the couple. The higher the number of people you can bring together, the better it is as you can now go for more expensive gifts. This way you can give them something that will not just stay in their showcase for decades. 

Play with inside jokes

If the couple and you share a similar sense of humour or you guys have been friends for a long time, it's certain that you most definitely have quite a few inside jokes. Are the couple infamously known for always being late? Then gift them a wall clock. Is any one of them known for their love for cheesy Bangla songs? Play those songs when you get on the stage to greet them. However, pairing the joke with a nice gift for the couple would be a good idea as well. 

You can never go wrong with cash

No, it does not look 'weird' if you gift money to the couple. Imagine how much money they had to spend to feed all these people for just one night. So, you will be doing them a huge favour if contribute to the bridal purse rather than giving a gift. 


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