Deadpool 3: The ingenious marketing game of actor Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool 3: The ingenious marketing game of actor Ryan Reynolds
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We adore him as Deadpool, his humour, the way he mocks Blake Lively, his "feud" with Hugh Jackman, and other things. Ryan Reynolds has consistently demonstrated his acting prowess in addition to his adept marketing skills. This realisation started during Deadpool's press tour and continued through Reynolds' subsequent projects in both cinema and business. His charm, wit, and comedy make content marketing seem simple and easy to do.

Reynolds struggled for almost ten years to make Deadpool a success. The movie's final budget was just $58 million (pretty low for a superhero film) when it was greenlit. Additionally, the movie's R-rating set it apart from other movies of the same genre. Therefore, despite the star power of Reynolds, there were worries about the film's box office sales. Later, it was discovered that it had been the highest-grossing R-rated movie at the time (only to be surpassed by the sequel to the movie two years later).

Hugh Jackman in ‘Deadpool 3’. Photo: Collected

Ryan's extensive engagement in production and marketing, in addition to the movie's and the eponymous character's fidelity to their Marvel comic book counterparts, contributed significantly to the success.

By announcing the Deadpool 3 release date and confirming the speculations that Hugh Jackman would reprise his role as Wolverine, Ryan Reynolds broke the Internet. Fans were left in a euphoric frenzy and wondering what Wolverine's reappearance may imply after his demise in Logan, despite the news being mind-blowing. Is the character getting a reboot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will a different timeline be used for Deadpool 3? Marvel fans need not worry since Reynolds and Jackman have recently produced a new video addressing all of the fans' inquiries. Well, sort of.

Reynolds and Jackman guaranteed to answer any question from the audience in under a minute. Unfortunately, there was loud music that drowned out what they were saying. This was a classic Deadpool satire, and fans could not decide whether to be angry with the two frenemies or to applaud them for the clever practical joke as Reynolds and Jackman pretend to fight while outlining the narrative of the threequel. At least we know that Deadpool 3 will be as gory as the franchise's previous entries.

All of this was just a brilliant level of marketing just to create a gargantuan hype among fans and others. Despite his satire and quirky content strategy, Ryan Reynolds is a man with a vision which he often cloaks with his unique humour and sarcasm. If that is not ingenious, one would not know what is.


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