5 easy tips to improve your slideshow skills

The following tips will surely add to improving your slideshows the next time you decide to take the stage!
5 easy tips to improve your slideshow skills
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The art of slide-making has taken on a soaring level of popularity, with amazing slide templates and slideshow makers now becoming more prominent in improving one's slideshow game. Businesses, schools, and others in today's digital environment rely heavily on presentations to disseminate information, teach, inspire, and convince their internal and external audiences. If a presenter uses high-quality slides, the meeting can stay on track and move swiftly. A polished presentation is another way to boost credibility and prestige for one's company. Needless to say, the following tips will surely add to improving your slideshows the next time you decide to take the stage!

Minimal and clean

We all have witnessed those presentations with words, photographs, loaded slides, and columns of texts overwhelming the screen, and we might have even made them in the past. If your slideshow needs additional information or photos eliminated, do not worry. Clutter requires decluttering. Eliminating more than adding might simplify planning and creating. Ensure the font size is big enough for room-wide reading. Between three and four bullet points each slide will grab your audience's attention. Overloading slides with photographs is also discouraged. You may convey your argument with one outstanding photo on one slide. In short, you should aim towards maintaining a minimal-looking slide!

Texts to pictures

You may have learned that a slide ought to have more than six key points with six words each. However, those slides distract your audience because they read them by themselves while you talk. So, they will read ahead of your speech, forcing them to wait while you speak and thus, become slightly bored. Consider converting the text into good graphics. PowerPoint Smart Art offers several bulleted list-to-graphic options. These will ensure that your audience is hooked throughout your speech rather than reading ahead. You can also add an animation to the slide to prevent your audience from reading fast!

Customise your slides 

While your presentation will demonstrate your enthusiasm, devotion, and knowledge, its appearance should depend on the audience's knowledge of the business or subject of the presentation. It establishes trust and authority on the topic if you customise the slides according to them. Corporate, clean, innovative, and contemporary presenting styles may be adjusted for occasion and industry. Design for your brand, industry, and audience. Ask yourself questions: What is our audience's aesthetic? What media do they consume? What graphics and typography should I employ to attract them? You may better communicate by appealing to their desires and standards, and this method ensures that your audience pays attention to your presentation!

Explore templates

You always have the option to get high-quality PowerPoint presentation templates from the internet if you find that beginning everything from scratch is too difficult for you. Websites such as Slidesgo, Slides Carnival, and Canva are fantastic resources for anyone looking for free, ready-made templates that can be used with either Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint. Choose the slide template that works the best for your project and make use of it to leave an impression on your audience!


Slide-making can be difficult. Maybe you were up all-night agonising over the arrangement of your presentation, and it still is not perfect. Oh well, that happens! Alignment is the one design tool that can make any presentation look polished and professional, according to seasoned designers. It may take just a few clicks and moves to perfectly align all of the items on the slide, but doing so might make a difference as dramatic as day and night. Align objects using a consistent grid and margin system. Bad alignment can cause the audience to believe like the presentation was rushed or incomplete!