Guide to a healthy skincare routine for your baby

Guide to a healthy skincare routine for your baby
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

A baby's skin is more sensitive than that of a grown-up, as they are more prone to conditions like dry skin or rashes. That is why special attention is a must when you are taking care of your growing baby, as healthy skin keeps them away from many associated diseases. With winter knocking at our doors, here are some ideal skincare routines for your little one. 

Use moisturisers frequently

We lose water from our skin fast. What is more alarming is that babies loses water at a faster rate than adults. This is a cause for concern as the chilly winter makes it challenging in taking care of a baby's skin. To prevent this excessive loss, it is best to always use quality products like lotions or baby oils, as they help to protect against dry skin. It's also a very important routine as your baby will reap the benefits of moisturising as they grow up. 

Give special care to ears, eyes, and nose

Your baby's skin around the ears, eyes, and nose is very delicate, so always use extra precaution and attention when tending to them. Clean the outside of the ears gently with soft cotton buds, but be careful to never push a bud into the ear canal! Use moist cotton pads to clear the nose and to keep the skin fresh. Again, use a soft cotton pad to wipe the insides of the eyes very gently. 

Cut the nails regularly

We know your little one loves to scratch anything they get their hands onto. This can be very problematic as when their nails are long, germs accumulate and spread infections to the skin when they scratch themselves. That's why always pay extra attention to the length of their nails and make sure to cut them with clippers when they get too long. A good time to cut their nails is after a bath as the nails are very soft at that time. In addition, use baby nail clippers and a magnifier to see exactly how much you need to cut. 

Maintaining nice hair

A baby's hair is thinner and much more delicate than adult hair. So, when you are bathing your little one, always be sure to use a shampoo that has been tested dermatologically and is recommended by paediatricians, so that your baby's hair will be healthy. Good hair maintenance should not stop when your child grows up either as hair continues to develop until the age of 12. Always use quality shampoo and other hair care products like oil that is specially designed for children. 


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