Why the Arbitration Act 2001 is not exhaustive

Arbitration has emerged as the pre-eminent mode of dispute resolution in domestic and international trade. Its absence could jeopardise the

Law Analysis / The Evidence (Amendment) Bill 2022: An appraisal

On August 31, 2022, the Evidence (Amendment) Bill was introduced before the parliament. This Bill will be an Act only after completing some legislative procedures.

Law Analysis / Reviewing the New Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act

The new Act seeks to amend the Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act 1974. The provisions of the 1974 Act were not coherent with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and were proposed to be amended since the UNCLOS 1982 entered into force later.

Law Analysis / Concerns over the proposed personal data protection bill

It has come to light through print and electronic media that the Government of Bangladesh has recently prepared a draft bill on the matter of personal data protection. Some very pertinent issues regarding the bill are set out below.

Law Analysis / Why the new ‘Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines’ needs major revisions?

In response to the growing impact of digital platforms on the country’s current economic successes and the challenges, the Ministry of Commerce enacted ‘Digital Commerce Operational Guidelines’ (hereinafter the guidelines) on July 4 this year.

For Your Information / An overview of the Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines 2021

On 4 July, 2021 the Ministry of Commerce issued the Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines, 2021 pursuant to the National Digital Commerce Policy, 2018 (as amended in 2020) with the aim of ensuring transparency and accountability in the digital commerce sector, creating employment opportunities, ensuring the rights of the consumers and increasing the reliance on digital commerce by bringing about a regulatory framework, and creating a competitive market that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs.

For Your Information / Marks to be Registered as Trademarks in Bangladesh

The importance of protecting Intellectual Property (hereinafter “IP”) rights is evidently unquestionable. In this era, the psychology of a consumer is to find out which company’s product is appropriate for him and the consumer usually does some market research in this regard.

Law Analysis / The laws relating to communicable diseases

In light of the current pandemic caused by COVID-19, it is important to review the existing legal provisions that outline the powers and duties of the Government to mitigate and prevent further spread of infectious diseases.

Analysing the draft Bangladesh Labour (Amendment) Act 2018

The draft of Bangladesh Labour (Amendment) Act, 2018 aims to make labour law worker-friendly while regulating the conduct of workers and owners in compliance with the standards of International Labour Organization (ILO).

New era for data protection started

The modern era of information and technology has turned our personal data into a valuable commodity. But unfortunately, the evolution of law protecting such commodity has failed to keep up with the ever-changing technologies.

Legality of bitcoin in Bangladesh

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency invented in 2009 by a software developer allegedly named Satoshi Nakamoto with a goal to create “a new electronic cash system” that was “completely decentralised with no server or central authority.

Security cheque: a weapon of choice

In recent times, the number of dishonoured cheques has seen a significant rise.As a result, the courts in Bangladesh are inundated

Takeout(s) Ltd: Trademark infringement and/or passing off?

The question of whether Takeout Ltd (hereinafter “Takeout”) is associated with Takeout 2.0 Cafe & Restaurant Ltd (hereinafter “Takeout 2.0”) is vehemently answered in the negative.

Challenges for the existing filial laws

Bangladesh, being known as one of the most densely populated country in Asia, with its traditional socio-cultural structure and religious values has persistently fostered the family system.

Diminishing quality of law reports in Bangladesh

Studying law reports is an inseparable part of the engagement with the law. Everyone dealing with the law in any professional capacity

Jurisdiction in company matters

It is commonly perceived that the High Court Division (HCD) has original statutory jurisdiction in company matters and the perception

Analysing the draft Elimination of Discrimination Act

The recognition of the principle of equality and non-discrimination along with human dignity and social justice has been recognised

Shoddy information on packets of tobacco products

Anyone comparing the packets of tobacco products in Bangladesh and some other countries may notice that the packets in