Why the Arbitration Act 2001 is not exhaustive

Arbitration has emerged as the pre-eminent mode of dispute resolution in domestic and international trade. Its absence could jeopardise the

Law Analysis / The Evidence (Amendment) Bill 2022: An appraisal

On August 31, 2022, the Evidence (Amendment) Bill was introduced before the parliament. This Bill will be an Act only after completing some legislative procedures.

Law Analysis / The laws relating to communicable diseases

In light of the current pandemic caused by COVID-19, it is important to review the existing legal provisions that outline the powers and duties of the Government to mitigate and prevent further spread of infectious diseases.

THE NIKO ARBITRATION Lessons for Bangladesh

The domestic trial of the Niko graft allegations has been continuing for quite some years, now reaching at the apex court in Bangladesh.

The Digital Security Act 2018 / Online freedom of expression under threat?

The Digital Security Act (DSA) 2018 aims to ensure digital security by punishing offences committed through digital media.

LAW ANALYSIS / Challenges for the existing filial laws

Bangladesh, being known as one of the most densely populated country in Asia, with its traditional socio-cultural structure and religious values has persistently fostered the family system.

The importance of forensic evidence in our justice system

With the advent of time, the commission of crimes is becoming more sophisticated, critical, digital and organised. The pattern of committing crimes is changing with the changes of science and technology.

Legal framework for workplace safety

Workplace health and safety conditions in Bangladesh has seen steady improvements since the disastrous Rana Plaza incident which

Outside the scope of labour law

Section 2 of Bangladesh's Labour Act 2006 identifies certain institutions that would not fall within the purview of this law. The list


FDIs have two competing interests: economic development for host states and profit maximisation for foreign investors. It is the lure

Is punitive action enough to prevent abuse of drug?

Although Bangladesh is not a drug producing country, in terms of geographical location, it is juxtaposed between the golden and

How far does it protect our privacy?

The Digital Security Act, 2018 (“DSA”), which came into force on October 8, 2018, was enacted to ensure digital security and to

Analysing the draft Elimination of Discrimination Act

The recognition of the principle of equality and non-discrimination along with human dignity and social justice has been recognised

Shoddy information on packets of tobacco products

Anyone comparing the packets of tobacco products in Bangladesh and some other countries may notice that the packets in

Character assassination of rape victims

Despite being a heinous crime, sexual offences, specially cases of rape, mostly go unreported in Bangladesh. There are numerous

PERCEIVED TENSION BETWEEN judiciary and executive of Bangladesh

The tension between the two principal organs of the government of Bangladesh, the judiciary and the executive, is not too far to be perceivable.