LAW VISION / How South Africa is challenging Israel at the ICJ: A case of obligation to prevent genocide

Most recently, South Africa has instituted proceedings in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against Israel, accusing it of violating the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, in relation to its military operations against the Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

YEEAR-END LAW REVIEW / Looking Back at the Laws enacted in 2023

2023 was a year filled with new legislation. A total of 50 new laws were enacted by the parliament on a wide range of areas. Law making in 2023 was by and large characterised by a reform spirit (i.e., reforming old laws), devising welfare schemes, and defining new offences. Few notable ones are discussed in this piece.

NEW LAW / Analysing the Universal Pension Management Act 2023

Social safety net programmes to protect the vulnerable population are not a new concept. However, in the context of Bangladesh, the Universal Pension Management Act 2023 is quite a novel (and laudable) initiative. In this write-up, we will focus on the important aspects of the Act as well as compare it with the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) multi-tier pension model.

Why the Arbitration Act 2001 is not exhaustive

Arbitration has emerged as the pre-eminent mode of dispute resolution in domestic and international trade. Its absence could jeopardise the

Law Analysis / The Evidence (Amendment) Bill 2022: An appraisal

On August 31, 2022, the Evidence (Amendment) Bill was introduced before the parliament. This Bill will be an Act only after completing some legislative procedures.

Law Analysis / Reviewing the New Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act

The new Act seeks to amend the Territorial Waters and Maritime Zones Act 1974. The provisions of the 1974 Act were not coherent with the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and were proposed to be amended since the UNCLOS 1982 entered into force later.

Law Analysis / Concerns over the proposed personal data protection bill

It has come to light through print and electronic media that the Government of Bangladesh has recently prepared a draft bill on the matter of personal data protection. Some very pertinent issues regarding the bill are set out below.

Law Analysis / Why the new ‘Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines’ needs major revisions?

In response to the growing impact of digital platforms on the country’s current economic successes and the challenges, the Ministry of Commerce enacted ‘Digital Commerce Operational Guidelines’ (hereinafter the guidelines) on July 4 this year.

An overview of the Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines 2021

On 4 July, 2021 the Ministry of Commerce issued the Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines, 2021 pursuant to the National Digital Commerce Policy, 2018 (as amended in 2020) with the aim of ensuring transparency and accountability in the digital commerce sector, creating employment opportunities, ensuring the rights of the consumers and increasing the reliance on digital commerce by bringing about a regulatory framework, and creating a competitive market that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Marks to be Registered as Trademarks in Bangladesh

The importance of protecting Intellectual Property (hereinafter “IP”) rights is evidently unquestionable. In this era, the psychology of a consumer is to find out which company’s product is appropriate for him and the consumer usually does some market research in this regard.

The laws relating to communicable diseases

In light of the current pandemic caused by COVID-19, it is important to review the existing legal provisions that outline the powers and duties of the Government to mitigate and prevent further spread of infectious diseases.

Legal approaches to curb air pollution

The air quality of Dhaka has been “unhealthy” and “extremely unhealthy” for an increased duration in recent years, says an analysis of Air Quality Index data, monitored by the Department of Environment under its Clean Air and Sustainable Environment (CASE) project.

The chronicle of gambling law: A legal analysis

Of so many queries that the recent drive against the casino by the law enforcing agencies put before the citizen of the courtly, one that comes out on top and perplexes us the most is – ‘are running and playing casino legal in Bangladesh?’.

The importance of forensic evidence in our justice system

With the advent of time, the commission of crimes is becoming more sophisticated, critical, digital and organised. The pattern of committing crimes is changing with the changes of science and technology.

Legal framework for workplace safety

Workplace health and safety conditions in Bangladesh has seen steady improvements since the disastrous Rana Plaza incident which

Outside the scope of labour law

Section 2 of Bangladesh's Labour Act 2006 identifies certain institutions that would not fall within the purview of this law. The list


FDIs have two competing interests: economic development for host states and profit maximisation for foreign investors. It is the lure

Is punitive action enough to prevent abuse of drug?

Although Bangladesh is not a drug producing country, in terms of geographical location, it is juxtaposed between the golden and

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