Star People

Star People

Star people / Growing Up With Pen and Paper: Masud Pathik's journey as a writer

“A writer has to accept the fact that people will be against them.” This is a fact, stated and accepted by Bangladeshi film director, lyricist and poet, Masud Pathik.

Learning in 10 Minutes

Ever thought of switching on the TV screen in front of your child and study the formulae of algebra, learn English sentence constructions and understand Bangla baekaron (grammar)?

Star people / STORIES FROM '71

July 10, 1971. The Pakistani army killed 10 innocent people at Kulkandi village of Islampur upazila, Jamalpur.

Star people / The Art of Curation

Growing up, Tanzim Wahab never planned on becoming a photographer, let alone a curator. But one thing he always knew was that he wanted to work in a highly creative and motivating environment- something that is challenging and rewarding in equal measure.

Sharafat Khan's Creative Venture

No matter how much we have been told not to judge a book by its cover, the truth is, with hundreds of thousands of books published every year, a great, compelling cover art matters.

Reviving Gaudiya: Rachel's Journey

For a very long time, most of us thought Bangladesh was better known for its folk art forms. At least when it came to the art of dancing, the classical ones we would recognise and associate with would all be from India- Bharatanatyam from South India, Odissi from Odissa, Manipuri from Manipur, Kathak from North India and so on.

Carrying On a Legacy

The words 'pride' or 'achievement' does not really cut it when you get to fill a parent's shoe. Being able to 'be' them and carry on their legacy is a feeling indescribable and unfathomable.

STAR PEOPLE / A Work in Progress - Beshi Joss Drums

While a touch of the strings and strokes on the black and white reeds speak thousands of words – of generations, people, nature, love and helps one to travel all over the world, the beating of the drums, however, brings you back to life.

The Beautiful World of Dipankar

If you constantly strive to give your best effort, you will be able to bring your dream to life. This is the mantra of Dipankar Das, the owner of Baatighar, one of the most beloved bookstores of the country.

An Ambassador of Peace

Rakibul Hasan is a 25-year-old achiever. His all-time smiling face with a balbo beard gives him a look that befriends him with anyone and everyone instantly.

Disability is not inability

Ivy's passion, enthusiasm and motivation for doing something good for the people with disability have been driving her to write for humanity. She has written a number of books.

Dreaming Big

It takes a lot to be a popular business person in the country, especially if one is remembered as an individual who not only is a successful businessman, but also someone who promotes entertainment, hospitality, traveling, outdoor sports and fitness like surfing and running.

An Ambassador of the Youth

Recently, Osama Bin Noor made headlines in Bangladesh, when he went to receive an award in Buckingham Palace, in the wearing traditional garbs – kurta, lungi and a gamcha. Not only did he carry the deshi attire in style, but also managed to impress the world with his ideas and work.

Niaz Rahim: A Story of Principle before Profit

In the fifties when Bangladesh was one of the poorest and most neglected parts of the world under the exploitative Pakistani

In Search of Equality

"The hardships that my mother, like other mothers in our country, went through- she did not deserve it,” says Dr Sayed Saikh Imtiaz, Chairperson and Associate Professor, Department of Women and Gender Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Executive Director (Honorary), Center for Men and Masculinities Studies (CMMS).

The Builder of Brands

In a society filled with leading brands, perfects taglines, products and consumers, a leading name in the field of advertising

Healing Minds

“Psychosocial counselling is very appropriate, especially in Bangladesh, where there are a lot of conditionings, and therefore a lot of conflicts.

The ‘Bangi’ Way of Doing Things

It is very common for one to misconstrue what the ideal 'office life' is. We all quite instinctively think white shirts, blue ties,