satire. / Writer becomes bestseller after his own employer buys copies worth 9 crore

Chulbul, who has written 29 books of poetry in his career spanning 9 months, characterises his style as introspective, post-modernist neo-absurdism.

The world's first Bangladeshi designed car is here, and it's fantastic

Karl Benz, the German credited with making the first working internal combustion engine and revolutionising the motorised vehicle forever, was probably just tired of using horses.

satire / “Subodh” artist arrested [SATIRE]

Dhaka, Bangladesh: The police in Dhaka have arrested an artist who they say is the creator of the much-talked-about graffiti series “Subodh,” along with his two alleged collaborators.

SATIRE / We, the 'Amm-public'

I am a 'Janagon'—an 'Amm-public'. If you still don't get it, then let me spell it out for you, because I know you are an 'Amm-public' too—the ever-so-celebrated mango people. I hope you now realise who I am as well as who you are.

satire / Man with no numerical understanding holds top financial job for years

A mysterious Sylheti man unable to do basic math has somehow held the country's top financial position for years, according to a research report published on Thursday.

Satire / The Price of a Sentence

On the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, we wanted to provide a stern reminder that we are a completely [censored] media without any government or corporate influence.

SATIRE / Bangladesh Inhuman Rights Commission concerned about poor US human rights condition

Just a week after the US Department of State in its human rights report for 2016 expressed concerns about Bangladesh’s human rights condition, Bangladesh Inhuman Rights Commission expressed concerns about the deplorable human rights condition in the US.

SATIRE / The Vatman rises and surprises again

People these days go to the doctor the minute their child sneezes more than once. The Vatman knows to tax that too. Tax anything that moves or doesn't. Had a new born baby? Tax that little bugger before he consumes too much milk and baby formula.


Ayem Janata, long time resident of Chaotica, capital of Wackoland, has woken up at the crack of dawn, feeling quite nervous.


Apiti Snoboni has moved back to Dhaka after 4 years of studying in the United States, because she believes in our development sector and wants to devote her life to helping the poor, empowering the powerless etc.