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AUST engineering seminar held

“Automobile Engineering and AUST: Past, Present and Future” was held on September 16 at Ahsanullah University of Science &

Motorsport news / Team Primus wins two categories at FSUK19

Team Primus, a student engineering team composed of 28 members from varying disciplines at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST), has won two categories at this year’s edition of the Formula Student UK (FSUK), a motorsport competition for engineering students worldwide, held at the UK’s Silverstone Formula 1 circuit.

Buying guide / 2012 KIA Optima

The Optima is Kia's mechanical twin of the much more familiar Hyundai Sonata. The two cars were created by the Hyundai-Kia

Treat yourself on the New Year: the Tech

Android players make life easier. Buy one, pop in a SIM and buy data to get access to Google Maps, YouTube, Spotify and more.

Hybrid workshop and road-show held

Toyota Hybrid Club Bangladesh organised a workshop session and road-show for Bangladeshi hybrid users, on September 21st, 2018 at Amazon Lily in Banani, Dhaka.

Inside Nissan's New Variable Comp Vct Engine

Inside Nissan's New Variable Comp Vct Engine




Eid is coming, and as is tradition during Eid-ul-Azha, it comes with copious amounts of beef eating and cow-carrying. We know that

Cars and Bangladeshi floods

Cars and Bangladeshi floods

The myth of engine oil - simplified

What the rest of the world calls engine oil, in Bangladesh, it's known as mobil with a lower case M. Goes to show

Restomodding Rollas: Toyota E80 Corolla Buying Guide

Toyota's three-box economy sedan has officially turned into a classic. Prices are cheap and a few modifications can bring the willing sedan into the 21st century and can even be used for daily driving. Here's how.

2000-2004 Honda Civic ES1 - Buy or Bye?

Shift Buying Guide this week: 2000-2004 Honda Civic ES1 - good buy or good bye?

Power Shifting: effective or disastrous?

Power shifting is when you change gears in a manual transmission equipped car at full throttle, without releasing the accelerator pedal. Some think it makes a lot of difference when driving performance cars, but it may just kill your transmission. We look at what happens when you power shift, and suggest an alternative.

Living with the COROLLA E90

Living with an old car: Pros and cons of a Toyota Corolla E90

Avoiding tyre trouble on highways

For Bengalis, Eid means going off to our ancestral homes, and some prefer driving there on the risky highways. On the highway, tyres and brakes are some of the most important factors that determine your safety. What do you need to do when it comes to your tyres before a long journey?

Convert your boring old, ebola infected Lancer to an Evo

We look at a recent trend of converting a regular Lancer to a fire breathing Evolution clone.

Looney Tunes: A guide to audio systems for your car

The hot sellers in automotive decoration shops since the dawn of time are car stereos. Because who wants to sit in silence in our dreadful traffic jams with horns honking away for absolutely no reason? Welcome to our car stereo guide, where we help you pick the best setup for your tunes.

Myth - Turbo timers: How important is it, really?

People are putting turbo timers on turbo cars, non-turbo cars and soon even on household appliances like refrigerators and washing machines. But what does it really do?