Outer Space

Outer Space

China launches mission with first civilian to space station

China sent three astronauts to its Tiangong space station today, putting a civilian into orbit for the first time as it pursues plans to send a crewed mission to the Moon by the end of the decade..The world's second-largest economy has invested billions of dollars in its military-run space

Japan firm fails in historic Moon bid

Japanese start-up ispace conceded Wednesday its ambitious attempt to become the first private company to land on the Moon had failed but pledged to move ahead with new missions.

NASA announces the first woman and first African-American astronaut on manned moon mission

NASA has recently announced the four members joining the crewed mission to the moon on Artemis II, the first of its kind since the Apollo program.

First 3D-printed rocket lifts off but fails to reach orbit

The world's first 3D-printed rocket launched successfully on Wednesday, marking a step forward for the California company behind the innovative spacecraft, though it failed to reach orbit

Take photos of planets with telescopes in Dhaka

During the event, attendants can look at the moon and planets through telescopes and also connect their smartphones to the telescopes and take pictures of nebulae and galaxies.

Russian Soyuz spacecraft docks at ISS to bring back stranded crew

The Soyuz MS-23, which lifted off from Baikonour space centre in Kazakhstan on Friday, is to bring back Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitry Petelin, and US astronaut Francisco Rubio in September

Saudi Arabia to send its first woman into space

Rayyana Barnawi will join fellow Saudi male astronaut Ali Al-Qarni on a mission to the International Space Station (ISS) "during the second quarter of 2023", the official Saudi Press Agency said on Sunday.

Hubble captures mysterious ‘spokes’ gliding across Saturn’s rings

The return of the spokes is one of the earliest signs that Saturn is entering a new season as it approaches the autumnal equinox of its northern hemisphere, which is expected to occur on May 6, 2025, for the first time in about 15 years.

Aftermath of a large star's death seen in eerily spectacular image

The aftermath of a large star's explosive death is seen in an image released on Monday by the European Southern Observatory, showing immense filaments of brightly shining gas that was blasted into space during the supernova.

Pillars of Creation: James Webb telescope renders detailed images

One of the most celebrated, awe-inspiring images of modern astronomy, revealing colossal spires of interstellar gas and dust called the Pillars of Creation, has been rendered anew with greater depth, clarity and color by the James Webb Space Telescope.

Nasa's Dart spacecraft altered path of asteroid

The spacecraft NASA deliberately crashed into an asteroid last month succeeded in nudging the rocky moonlet from its natural path into a faster orbit, marking the first time humanity has altered the motion of a celestial body, the U.S. space agency announced on Tuesday.

India’s Chandrayaan-2 spectrometer maps abundance of sodium on moon for 1st time

The orbiter of India’s second unmanned expedition to the moon has mapped an abundance of sodium on the lunar surface for the first time, the Indian Space Research Organization said.

World’s first planetary defense test by Nasa successful

NASA's DART spacecraft successfully slammed into a distant asteroid at hypersonic speed on Monday in the world's first test of a planetary defense system, designed to prevent a potential doomsday meteorite collision with Earth.

UAE's first lunar rover to be launched in November

The United Arab Emirates will launch its first lunar rover in November, the mission manager said Monday.

Fuel leak disrupts NASA's 2nd attempt to launch Artemis 1 moon mission

NASA’s new moon rocket sprang another hazardous leak Saturday, as the launch team began fueling it for liftoff on a test flight that must go well before astronauts climb aboard.

Nasa ready for second attempt to launch Artemis 1 moon mission

After technical issues halted its first launch attempt, NASA will try again on Saturday (September 3, 2022) to get its new 30-story rocket off the ground and send its unmanned test capsule towards the Moon.

NASA to make second attempt to launch moon rocket on Sep 3

NASA aims to make a second attempt to launch its giant next-generation moon rocket on Saturday, September 3, five days after a pair of technical issues foiled an initial try at getting the spacecraft off the ground for the first time, agency officials said on Tuesday.

NASA's moon-to-Mars programme to kick off as next-gen rocket ready for launch

Launch teams at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida spent a final full day of preparations ahead of Monday's planned liftoff of NASA's giant next-generation rocket on its debut test flight, kicking off the agency's Artemis moon-to-Mars programme 50 years after the end of the Apollo era.

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