Parents’ guide to newborn skin care

Babies are born with very gentle and fragile skin. New parents are often concerned about their baby's skin, which is not surprising. A baby's skin is very sensitive and s/he may probably develop rashes and allergies if proper skin care is not practiced. Baby's skin is 10 times thinner than that of adult skin, it needs special care and pamper throughout the first year of life.

New born skin peeling

Do not worry if your newborn has skin peeling. Newborns start losing their outer layer of skin within few days after birth.

Your little bundle's skin is highly absorbent - so less is more. Fragrance, dye, irritant soap, detergent, phthalates, parabens may irritate newborns delicate skin that may result in eczematous and dry skin. Keeping your baby moisturised should be top on your list. Wash baby clothes, bedding and blankets separately from the family's laundry. More severe skin peeling should be treated with prescription medicine.

Scalp and nail care

Cradle cap is a very common issue for a nursling. Before bathing the baby, rub a small amount baby oil or olive oil in a circular motion. Use tearless mild shampoo. Be gentle on your cutie's scalp, comb your baby's hair with a soft-bristle brush as baby's scalp is ultra sensitive. This skin condition goes away on its own. If it persists or spreads consult a dermatologist.

Trim your baby's finger nails twice a week and toe nails once a week. Fingernails grow faster than toe nails. Just after bath nails are pretty softer, easy and manageable to cut. Keep in mind that they love to scratch themselves with their finger nails. For the first few months mittens will be your savior.

Newborn diaper rash

Baby's skin is ultra-thin and fold areas are usually warm and moist - that is why it promotes diaper rash very often.

Please pay attention to these delicate areas. Keep it dry and clean; do not rub it with harsh cloth or towel. Alcohol-free, fragrance-free baby wipes will be gentle for your little kid. If parents notice red, patchy inflamed skin on baby's nether region during diaper changes or bath time, do not neglect - it might be diaper rash. Keep an eye on baby skin care products and cloths. Breathable cloths are always preferable. Dermatologists suggest Zinc Oxide based cream, which is soothing for baby's sensitive skin.

Hope this helps to make you understand that your baby's sweet, sensitive skin needs nothing but the best care.


The writer is a Cosmetologist and Dermatologist.


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