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  • Parents’ guide to newborn skin care

    Babies are born with very gentle and fragile skin. New parents are often concerned about their baby’s skin, which is not surprising.
  • Switch off food and drug allergy symptoms

    An allergic reaction can be severe or life-threatening. Allergy usually shows up as itching, pain, skin rash, sun sensitivity, hives, watery eyes, swelling of the eyes, breathing difficulties, runny nose, vomiting and sneezing etc.
  • How to make your hair healthy

    Invest in your hair to keep them healthy and shining

    Your precious lock of hair always is exposed and is prone to dehydration during winter, infection during summer and damage during the spring and autumn season. Here are a few suggestions to take care of your hair and keep them healthy.
  • Personalise your acne treatment

    Acne is a troublesome skin condition that affects nearly 10% of the world’s population. Acne is a skin disorder involving the sebaceous
  • Prebiotics for good health

    While we have praised probiotic over and over again, let us not forget about its equally amazing sibling prebiotic.