Justice for Tonu

Parents of slain Bangladeshi student now see hope

The parents of Sohagi Jahan Tonu called for the immediate arrest of her rapists and killers yesterday, a day after the CID revealed that the girl was indeed raped before being murdered.

The family, which was frustrated with the first autopsy report, now sees a ray of hope for justice following the latest findings in the case.

On Monday, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said following DNA tests, they also found spermatozoa of three separate males on Tonu's clothes.

The findings expose the flaws in the inquest and first autopsy reports which did not find any evidence of rape.

"The DNA test findings have proved that my maa [Tonu] was brutally tortured before being killed. All we want now is the immediate arrest and punishment of her killers,” said Anwara Begum, mother of the victim.

"We hope we will get justice."

Talking to The Daily Star over the phone, Anwara said she was satisfied with the latest findings in the case. She, however, expressed her fear that “vested quarters” would try to interfere in the investigation. 

The mother also called for ensuring transparency in the probe.

Tonu's father Yaar Hossain told The Daily Star that the DNA test results finally exposed the truth. He said attempts had been made to conceal the truth in the police inquest and the first autopsy reports.

"Whoever the killers are, I want their trial.”

Yaar also expressed his dissatisfaction over the delay in preparing the second autopsy report.

Meanwhile, replying to a reporter's query at a programme in the capital yesterday, Law Minister Anisul Huq said people wanted to see a fair trial in the case.

He said the home ministry would definitely consider any proposal, if made, to hold the trial at a speedy trial tribunal.

Tonu, a Victoria college student and a theatre activist, was found murdered inside Comilla cantonment on March 20, triggering a huge public outcry.

It was her father who first noticed the body. Tonu's head was smashed and there were injury marks in her nose.

However, the reports of police inquest prepared by Sub-Inspector Saiful Islam of Kotwali Police Station in Comilla and first autopsy performed by Sharmin Sultana of Comilla Medial College found no injury marks on the body.

A three-member medical board conducted the second autopsy on March 30 but the report is yet to be prepared.