Sundarbans & Forest

Sundarbans & Forest

Trains to have 20kmph speed limit inside Lawachara

In the letter sent to the director general of Bangladesh Railway, the railway ministry asked for necessary measures to be taken to keep the speed limit of all trains running on this route below 20kmph to prevent the death of wildlife on the railway line on Lawachahra National Park and to ensure they can cross easily

Tiger census begins in the Sundarbans

Tiger census by using camera trapping method and by surveying creeks and rivers began in Sundarbans today under the 'Sundarban Tiger Conservation Project'.

Fishermen, visitors banned from Sundarbans

Fishermen and visitors have been banned from entering the Sundarbans for three months, starting today, for the smooth breeding of fish inside the forest’s rivers and canals.

Prohibited from logging Sundari tree trunks seized from pond in Bagerhat

The forest department has seized seven logs of Sundari tree, which is prohibited from logging, from a pond at Guatla village in Morrelganj Upazila of Bagerhat today (May 7, 2022).

Streams run dry in Satchhari

Once upon a time, there were ever-flowing streams running through the Satchhari National Park.

‘Too precious to lose’

After Gazipur and Dulahazra, the forest department has finalised plans to build the country’s third safari park in Lathitila forest, located in Moulvibazar’s Juri upazila.

Gangamati Reserve Forest in Kuakata: Akashmani trees under attack

In the reserve forest in Kuakata’s Gangamati area, around 10,000 Akashmani trees were planted in the 2008-09 fiscal year. It has since come to be known as the natural wall of the sea.

Visiting Sundarbans just got costlier

The government has revised fees in the Sundarbans after a decade, doubling it for both local and foreign tourists and for people whose livelihoods depend on it.

Tiger found dead in Sundarbans

Forest officials recovered a dead tiger from a remote area of Sundarbans yesterday.

Sundarbans can play vital role in climate mitigation

The Sundarbans can play a major role in climate adaptation and mitigation, as it has been protecting the Southwest coast of Bangladesh from tropical storms for years, said British High Commissioner Robert Chatterton Dickson at a webinar yesterday.

Sundarbans set to reopen for tourists Sept 1

After nearly five months of closure due to the Covid restrictions, the Forest Department is reopening the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest and a Unesco World Heritage Site, for tourists from tomorrow.

Sundarbans set to reopen for tourists on Sept 1

After nearly five months of closure due to Covid restrictions, the Forest Department is reopening the Sundarbans, the world’s largest mangrove forest and a Unesco World Heritage Site, on September 1.

World Tiger Day: Limit tourism to protect Sundarbans’ biodiversity

On occasion of World Tiger Day yesterday, activists and government officials underscored the need to restrict tourism in the Sundarbans to protect the core tiger breeding ground.

Greens condemn Unesco decision

The National Committee to Save the Sundarbans (NCSS) yesterday accused Unesco of failing to protect the outstanding universal value of the mangrove forest by endorsing an SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) that lacks scientific clarity and giving the government one more year to place its long-term plans to protect it.

Bangladesh gets another year to fulfil Unesco conditions to save Sundarbans

The Bangladesh government will get another year to fulfil all the conditions placed by the World Heritage Committee (WHC) of Unesco on preparing a long-term plan to save the Sundarbans.


It is impossible to adequately describe the exhilaration upon spotting a Scarlet Minivet inside the forest. High up in the canopy, where you have to squint to discern between branches and leaves, a flash of bright red darts from leaf to leaf and branch to branch like a mirage. You squint harder, shaking your head, thinking you are imagining things. As if reading your mind it sits still for a second to convince you it is real. Then it takes off. You think it is gone but wait... freezing mid-flight it hovers to check under a leaf where it finds a juicy larva. And then it flies away for good, leaving you asking yourself, “What did I just see?”

Tiger covers 100km in 4 months to reach Sundarbans in Bangladesh from Indian side

A radio-collared tiger in the Sundarbans travelled nearly 100km in four months before crossing over to the Bangladesh part of the mangrove forest, India’s West Bengal Chief Wildlife Warden VK Yadav was quoted today as saying.

First Tasmanian Devils born in the wild of Australia mainland in 3,000 years

Tasmanian Devils have been born in the wild of Australia's mainland for the first time in more than 3,000 years, a conservation group said, with seven newborns raising hopes the endangered animals can sustain a new breeding population.