Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Missing Bangladeshi student rescued alive after 37 hours

Golam Sayed Rinku. Photo: Facebook/Collected

A Bangladeshi student, who went missing following the devastating earthquake in Kahramanmaraş province of Turkey, was found alive after 37 hours.

The condition of the student, Golam Sayed Rinku, was critical and he was admitted to a hospital, according to Hafizz Muhammad, a Bangladeshi who lives in Ankara.

Rinku is a student of the geography department of Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam Üniversitesi.

Talking to The Daily Star around 10:45pm, Md Rafiqul Islam, chargé d'affaires at Bangladesh Embassy in Ankara, said from various sources, they came to know that Rinku was rescued alive and hospitalised in critical condition.

Golam Rasul, younger brother of Rinku, also confirmed this and said, "We couldn't contact him but heard that my brother had talked to others in Turkey. We are eagerly waiting to talk to him."


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