Trump's irresponsible utterances

Neurotic comments are counterproductive

We are constrained that the irresponsible comments coming out of some GOP presidential hopefuls have only helped to spawn Islamophobia in the USA, the most recent of which is Donald Trump advocating shutdowns of all Muslims entering the US, even Muslim US citizens who happen to be abroad at the moment. Trump's suggestion comes in the wake of the killing in San Bernadine.

While it is understandable that as a part of free speech everyone has the right to vent his or her feelings, what has been uttered in the name of campaign speech is regrettable and utterly reprehensible. And equally alarming is to see the number of adherents to Trump's views. Populism may fetch a few votes for a candidate but carries within it seeds of his undoing. History tells us that all fascists were once popular leaders. 

Our concerns stem from the likely serious and far reaching consequences such comments will have long after the elections are over. Even if Trump were not nominated, and we hope that he would not be, his utterances are bound to create a mindset among a segment of Americans about Muslims that may not be easy to erase.

We are happy to note that there have been across the board condemnation of the comments including Trump's fellow Republicans. And both President Obama and Hilary Clinton have hit the right chord. It will be a gross mistake to target the Muslims in general.