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  • Clinton must give written testimony in e-mail case: US judge

    US federal judge rules that Democrat Hillary Clinton must respond in writing in a lawsuit over her use of a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state.

  • Clinton emails 'endangered US': Trump

    Hillary Clinton's use of private email while secretary of state put the "entire country in danger", US Republican Donald Trump says.

  • Trump's distortions on Clinton

    Donald Trump's fierce denunciation of Hillary Clinton was rife with distortion.

  • Clinton sets sights on Trump

    Fresh from sewing up the Democratic presidential nomination, HIllary Clinton takes aim at her Republican nemesis Donald Trump for using divisive rhetoric that belittles women, Muslims and immigrants.

  • Trump lashes out at Republican leaders

    Republican Donald Trump says the party's leaders do not want him to win the presidential nomination, and the rules are "stacked" against him.

  • Sanders lags in delegates but leads in likability

    Bernie Sanders is still behind when it comes to delegates and votes, but he has one clear advantage over his Democratic and Republican presidential rivals — a lot of people actually like him.

  • Why Trump?

    Some people run simply out of ego or greed. The publicity that attends a presidential bid can garner even a failed candidate a book contract, a television gig, or a well-paid speaking career (or perhaps all three). Trump ran on the basis of his celebrity.

  • Sanders apologises to Clinton at debate

    Bernie Sanders has apologised to fellow Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton after his staff stole valuable voting data from her campaign.

  • Trump's irresponsible utterances

    We are constrained that the irresponsible comments coming out of some GOP presidential hopefuls have only helped to spawn Islamophobia in the USA...

  • Can Hillary’s candidacy unravel over her emails?

    She remains Democrats' best hope -- for now -- to retain the White House, but Hillary Clinton has failed to shake an unremitting email scandal that has dragged down her perceived trustworthiness and upended her campaign.

  • Taylor Swift in Forbes Power Women List

    Singer Taylor Swift has made it on the Forbes Power Women List for first time this year, being placed at number 65 for her career achievements and charity work.