Arrest of Gulshan, Sholakia attackers a matter of time: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on July 20, 2016, tells parliament that arrest of all perpetrators involved in the militant attacks at Dhaka’s Gulshan and Sholakia in Kishorganj is “just a matter of time”. Photo: PID

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in parliament today said arrest of all perpetrators involved in the recent militant attacks at Dhaka’s Gulshan and Sholakia in Kishorganj is “just a matter of time”.

Replying to lawmakers’ queries, the premier said, “It’ll not be a tough job to find out the criminals of the recent terror attacks. It’s just a matter of time. I believe we’ll certainly be able to nab them and give them exemplary punishment.”

The PM also said it is her government’s duty to find out the culprits of the recent terror attacks who are still remaining behind the scene.

"Perpetrators behind the scene, patrons, plotters, trainers and financiers of the terrorists have to be tracked down. No matter whether they are from home or abroad, it’s our duty to trace them out," she asserted.

Hasina, also the ruling Awami League president, said the government has taken steps to restore foreign investors’ confidence following the recent terror attacks.

Pointing to the video footages of Gulshan terror attack that went viral in the media and social networking sites, the PM said some of the criminals have already been identified.

“And if anyone can identify the other suspects, I’ll request all to inform the government and the law enforcement agencies of it. It’ll be helpful in arresting those persons," she said.

The premier said that the recent terrorist attacks, three months long arson attacks in 2015 and movement against 2014 national polls have put the country’s image into question, the premier said.

“Despite these negative incidents, we’ve been able to establish good governance and proper management and restore the image of the country facing those challenges,” the PM also said.

Sheikh Hasina, also the leader of the House, said all the friendly nations condemned the attacks, saying they are with Bangladesh.

She also said her government has received support from various countries as the whole world is now united to tackle militancy and terrorism.

"They also expressed their willingness to assist Bangladesh always to face such terror activities. They’ve assured us that such incidents are going on worldwide and this is the reality," she said.

The prime minister also expressed her deep sorrow and pain at the death of some important dignitaries in these attacks. 


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