Shun path of militancy, suicide attacks: PM

Militancy to be tackled with iron hand, she says
Sheikh Hasina
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Star file photo

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina today urged those wasting their lives in suicide attacks to return to the right path and assured them of doing whatever necessary to ensure their livelihoods.

"But, I'll urge them [militants] not to choose the wrong path of suicide attacks as well as the path of terrorism and militancy," she said.

The prime minister said the ongoing drive of her government against terrorism, militancy and drug addiction would continue and her government will curb those with an iron hand.

Sheikh Hasina said this while addressing a Children and Juveniles' Rally at the Bangabandhu National Stadium in Dhaka marking the 47th Independence and National Day.

Dhaka District Administration organised the rally where Deputy Commissioner Mohammad Salahuddin gave the vote of thanks.

Before her speech, Hasina inspected the parade comprised of various teams representing from the students of various schools and colleges of the district.

After her address, she took salute from the march past by the students of various schools while Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque was present on the occasion.

The prime minister called upon the students to pay attention to their academic activities, listen to the advice of their guardians and teachers and never indulge in and go to the wrong path of terrorism, militancy and drug addiction.

Reminding all, including students, that Islam is a religion of peace, solidarity and brotherhood, she said, "Islam never supports killing people, rather it says that unleashing suicidal attack is a great sin."

The prime minister also urged all, including teachers and guardians, to put in their united efforts so that children and juveniles could get a better life, achieve good characters and thus become good human beings.

Hasina also noted that the children of today are the leaders of the country tomorrow as they might become high officials of the government, they join the Army, Navy, Air Force, BGB or even could become the Prime Minister in the future and thus develop the country.

"The Father of the Nation had dreamt of building a hunger- and poverty-free 'Sonar Bangla'. I hope the children of today would become the main force of building the long-cherished Sonar Bangla."

Extending her heartiest felicitations to the people of the country on the occasion of the Independence Day gained through the sacrifices of millions of martyrs, Hasina urged all to remain vigilant so that no one could foil the War of Liberation spirit.

Highlighting various steps of the Father of the Nation to build a war-ravaged country and for the welfare of the children and the juvenile during his three-and-half-year tenure, Hasina mentioned that Bangabandhu had nationalised some 36,165 primary schools, made primary education free, enacted Children's Act in 1974 and incorporated a special provision in the constitution for the children.

Meanwhile, a video clip was screened at the giant screen of the Stadium highlighting various development activities of the present government and its various international recognitions.

Later, she enjoyed a colorful display performed by the students and various artists.


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