Rab pledges to quash leak-sters, ‘like militants’

This time, Rab says it will show little mercy
Benazir Ahmed. File photo

--Leak-sters to be quashed like militants

--Action against students, guardians found with leaked question

Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) today pledged to crush leak-sters who are plaguing the country’s educational sector by leaking question papers of public examinations.

The elite force’s Director General Benazir Ahmed compared the leak-sters to militants and said: “We must eliminate these question leak terrorists like we dealt with the militants”.

Also, the top law officer of the state said Rab will go hard on students and guardians found involved with the question paper leak in the ongoing Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) tests.

“This time, if we get any question, may it be original or fake, from any student or guardian before exam, we will take legal action. We let them go last year considering their career; but this year the detainees will be held responsible,” he said.

Benazir said Rab detained eight people from different parts of the country in the last three days for their alleged involvement in trying to collect money from students and guardians through social media saying that they will leak HSC question paper.

“No question was found with them. Actually, they were trying to collect money by forgery,” he said.

The Rab DG said they are continuing investigation about earlier incidents of question paper leak. He also said Rab will find out the admins of the Facebook groups involved in question leak.

Starting from today, the HSC examinations began all over the country amid concerns over the ongoing spate of question paper leak. Even the last SSC exams, a month ago, were marred by question leaks.