Brac University to waive all non-tuition fees for fall semester

Brac University will waive all non-tuition fees for the upcoming fall semester for students amid the coronavirus crisis.

The university authority in a statement today said that Vice-Chancellor Professor Vincent Chang launched the Student Assistant Fund (SAF) in May for the summer semester 2020 to ease students' financial burdens.

Initially, Tk 15 crore was committed for the fund in the summer. That sum was adjusted to Tk 23 crore. Every student received full non-tuition fee waivers and 10 percent tuition scholarships, with some receiving up to 100 percent.

Now, as the fall semester is approaching, the pandemic remains a challenge. Super cyclone Amphan and the flooding in July added to the situation and Professor Chang, therefore, decided again to pool various funds together to keep SAF running, although the university itself has faced very tight financial constraints, said the statement.

The components of the SAF for the upcoming fall semester will be similar to those for the summer semester: every student will receive full non-tuition fee waivers and 10 percent tuition scholarships. Some may receive more than 10 percent in the form of additional help.

In June, Brac University introduced online learning platform buX, to provide the students with an in-house learning platform.

"Our students are our top priority. buX is the heart of 'Brac University X', our new virtual campus. It shall enrich remote learning and be accessible to all students. It is our intent that with SAF and buX, we leave no one behind," said Professor Chang.


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