Big leap in growth projected for 2017-18

Bangladesh GDP Growth Rate in 2017-18 Fiscal Year
Star file photo of Chattogram port.

Bangladesh government is expecting to make a huge leap in growth during the running 2017-18 fiscal.

Sources at the planning ministry say, the government is expecting that the GDP or growth will reach 7.65 per cent this year, what was targeted at 7.4 per cent during the budget preparation.

The provisional projection has been made based on information of data available of the last eight months, the sources, highly placed within the ministry, told The Daily Star this afternoon.

Planning Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal informed the details to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at a ECNEC meeting held at the NEC meeting room at the Dhaka’s Agargaon.

The big leap in growth is taking place in the fiscal that has also witnessed the achievement of Bangladesh and its eligibility to graduate out of the club of least developed countries (LDC).


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