Lockdown extended in Rohingya camps, Teknaf upazila

Representational image. Reuters file photo

The local administration yesterday extended the ongoing lockdown in Cox's Bazar's Teknaf upazila as well as the five Rohingya camps in Ukhiya and Teknaf in an effort to break the chain of Covid-19 transmission.

The existing lockdown will remain in force till June 6, officials said.

All the activities inside the Rohingya camps, apart from food and medicine supply, will remain suspended during the lockdown.

Authorities on May 21 enforced a weeklong lockdown at five Rohingya refugee camps in Teknaf and Ukhiya upazilas in Cox's Bazar following a recent spike in Covid-19 infections in the district.

At the same time, the government also announced a 10-day lockdown in Teknaf upazila to curb the spread of the deadly virus.


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