Bus kills two in Bangla Motor

Traffic police died in road accident at Uttara

Two people including a motorcyclist were killed and one person was injured after a Bihanga Paribahan bus hit them in Dhaka's Bangla Motor area this morning.

The deceased are Belayet (52) from Muladi, Barishal, and Moksudur (42) from Sarail, Brahmanbaria. The injured, Zakir (40), is currently undergoing treatment.  

Aminul Islam, sub-inspector (SI) of Shahbagh Police Station, said two people died on the spot after a bus hit them around 11:45am.

The bus hit the motorcycle first and attempted to leave the spot in front of Navana Johura Complex in Bangla Motor, but ran over another pedestrian while trying to escape, SI Aminul said.

Police seized the bus and detained the driver named Zafor, he added.


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