7 ‘robbers’ held after Gendaria ‘gunfight’, OC hurt

Police today claimed to have detained seven robbers after a “gunfight” with them in Gendaria area of Dhaka that left four people including a police official injured.

Three of the robbers -- Milon alias Van Milon alias Sajib, 27, Swapan, 25, and Sajib alias Raju alias Kajol -- sustained bullet injuries during the “gunfight”, Kazi Mizanur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Gendaria Police Station, confirmed it to The Daily Star.

OC Mizanur also sustained bullet injuries in his leg and is receiving treatment at Rajarbagh Police Line Hospital.

Acting on a tip-off that a group of robbers took position near a mosque at a slum in Namapara Rail Line area of Gendaria, Wari police conducted a drive around 12:45am.

Sensing presence of the law enforcers, the gang opened fire, prompting the law enforcers to fire back that triggered a “gunfight”.

“During the gunfight, Milon, Swapan and Sajib and I received bullets,” OC Mizanur said.

After the gunfight, the injured robbers were taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Police recovered a pistol, three bullets and three knives and locally made sharp weapons from the spot.

A case was filed in connection with the incident.


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