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  • Final Stretch Made Difficult

    Just like the year before, early rains have put farmers across the country in trouble. As they were getting ready to reap the benefits of

  • A Tale of Refugees

    The unprecedented Rohingya crisis shows little sign of abating almost eight months later.

  • Toiling Away in Terrible Conditions

    With only a few days until May Day, it is prudent to get an overview of what the situation is for the many workers toiling away in the far,

  • Life Not on Track

    The railway slums were immortalised and romanticised by the famous words of the legendary Azam Khan. The bleak picture he painted

  • Bird

    The Wild And The Wonderful

    Bangladesh is a country rich in biodiversity. This is easy to forget if one grows up in an urban setting where the only vista outsides

  • Cleansed by The Bay

    Thousands of Hindu devotees gather at Rani Rashmoni Ghat to observe the three-day Baruni Snan.

  • Turkey

    The Treasure That is Turkey

    For a country that thrives on meat-based food, and with our thriving agriculture, Bangladesh can be a hotspot not only for turkey rearing

  • Spring is King

    “SPRING, the sweet spring, is the year's pleasant king.” Thomas Nash's poem sums up the most colourful season of the year. Coming on the heels of a dreary winter, spring means blossoming flowers and the return of nature's hues. In and around Dhaka, the re-birth takes place at full pace as trees come back to life, sprouting fruits, flowers and leaves. Fascinating blooms juxtaposed against the concrete slab that is Dhaka city, add a soothing vibrancy. The mango and lychee trees embellish themselves in full preparation for a bountiful summer. Light breeze rustles newborn leaves, ushering in a music long unheard. This is the re-incarnation of Mother Earth; this is her wake-up call.

  • The Grace of Tallest Grass

    Bhudum, Borak, Baijja, Muli, Lota are some of the names of species of bamboo, the largest grass-type plant in the world. All these can be seen at “Bamboo Garden” of Bangladesh Forest Research Institute at Sholoshahar in Chittagong city. At least 33 plain land and hilly bamboo species were being grown in the facility since 1973. The garden exhibits the beauty of the majestic grass family herbs, some of which are 120 feet tall and some as small as a bush. A separate genetics department is situated beside the garden where some species are being conserved. All information and research records are also kept there. The garden is open to public on weekdays.

  • Festival of The Golden Fibre

    The National Jute Day was observed for the second time with the slogan: Sonali Asher Sonali Desh, Pat Ponne Bangladesh. Parts of the capital were decked out in jute promotion. Jute, also known as the golden fibre, was once the country's highest foreign currency earner. Now, a revival is in the offing. Jute's uses have been diversified over the years. The government formulated Jute Act-2017 for the development of the fibre. Jute Diversification Centre currently has 233 types of jute products. This year, jute saris were heavily promoted during The National Jute Day, a testament to the fibres' versatility.