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  • City Gears up For Polls

    Offices of different political parties around the city wear a festive look just before the 11th general election.

  • The Glees of Youth

    With the drying up of rivers, canals and other water bodies in Anandapara village of Tangail's Ghatail upazila, children, almost as a seasonal ritual, come out in numbers as the day progresses to catch whatever fish they may find in these spots.

  • The Glees of Youth

    With the drying up of rivers, canals and other water bodies in Anandapara village of Tangail's Ghatail upazila, children, almost as a seasonal ritual, come out in numbers as the day progresses to catch whatever fish they may find in these spots. A common feature of rural Bangla during this season, the sheer delight on the children's faces, in their crumpled clothes with splashes of mud, is testimony to the joy of this ritual. They spend a couple of hours catching the fish, during which mud-fights and laughter are aplenty. The ritual is never complete without a refreshing dip in nearby ponds or rivers. They end the day with their catch-of-the-day in their hands, as they stroll together along the village paths, infected with the glees of youth, back to their families.

  • JP wants polls as per constitution

    Jatiya Party (JP) begins dialogue with Awami League-led 14-party alliance at Gono Bhaban this evening over the upcoming general election.

  • The Bounty of the Bee

    Beehives hanging from branches high up in trees used to be common in the capital even a few years ago.

  • Reclusive Beauty

    Buffaloes grazing on lush green grass at the edges of the freshwater of Tanguar Haor, the second largest freshwater haor in the country, make for a picturesque sight.

  • So Long, Devi Durga

    The five-day Durga Puja, the biggest religious festival for Hindus ends today, with the immersion of the idols of Durga in rivers and water bodies across the country, marking 'Dashami'. During the celebrations, a large number of devotees were seen at the many pandals set up around the city, including in Ramkrishna Mission, Kalabagan, Banani, Dhanmondi and Khamarbari. The occasion was a social one as well as people from many backgrounds also took part in the colourful festivities. The ritual observance was punctuated by an array of mouth-watering traditional delicacies. Vibrant murals, depicting Durga's victory over the demon Mahishasura, brightened up neighbourhoods in the city.

  • A Trove of Treasures

    Around 30 years ago, the ship-breaking industry in Chattogram began to take off. As ships from all over the world came for their last

  • Above the Law!

    The electoral symbol of the ruling Awami League, the boat, has become inescapable in the city right before election time. In defiance

  • When Will They Learn!

    The students took to the streets over the repeated road accidents taking lives.

  • The Guava Express

    Snaking through eye-soothing guava orchards is the Bhimruli Canal in Jhalakathi, a destination fast-becoming a tourist spot.

  • Rainy Day Bazar

    On rain-drenched days, a muddied path leads to Kaikkar Tek Haat, a makeshift bazar that has become synonymous with the rainy season.


    The three-day Eid-ul-Azha holiday was enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Families took the opportunity to create great memories

  • The Path to Piety

    For the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha, livestock from all over the country have begun their journey to cattle markets in the city. Cows, fat-tailed

  • National Tree Fair 2018

    The National Tree Fair held at Agargaon has thousands of nature lovers throughout the month-long event. This year, the plants showcased were mostly those that catered to the new-breed of gardeners: rooftop gardeners.

  • A day of Protest, Attack

    A day of Protest, Attack


    Like mythical harbingers of change, thousands of students from different schools and colleges descended on the streets of the capital,

  • Fish Fair 2018

    As part of the National Fisheries week which began on July 22, a five day fish fair is being held at the Krishibid Institution Bangladesh in Khamarbari.

  • From Scents to Cents

    Nazma has been working in the capital's Shahbagh area as a flower-seller for around 18 years.

  • Parroting Predictions

    The man and the parrot, partners from a time lost, together chart the trajectory of passerby's future. This ancient art of parrot astrology originates from South India, but has made its way into the almost the entirety of South Asia and some parts in the west. Remnants of the past, tasked with predicting the future using tarot cards, parrot astrologers have dwindled in numbers but the sight of them still evokes fond memories. It is believed that ancient Indians found and fostered a connection with nature, a relic of which are these astrologers. They can still be found in around Mirpur, Farmgate and other areas, selling futures for Tk 10. For this small charge, the parrot will tell you what the future holds for you. Parrot astrologers were also often used before making important decisions or finding auspicious dates for weddings.

  • Breath of The Bonsai

    Bonsai lovers in Dhaka were treated with a viewing of an expansive bonsai-tree collection -- Solo Bonsai Exhibition -- by Laila Ahmed. The

  • Tempting Fate

    Overloaded trains carrying passengers on the roof is a sight often seen in the country.

  • Eid Shoppers' Delight

    Markets around the capital wear a festive look before the upcoming Eid festival. Shoppers in their thousands throng to the many

  • Plates of The Piety

    Upholding the spirit of Ramadan, places around the city transform into settings for open-for-all iftars. In large congregations, people

  • Colour me Summer

    Summer brings with her a bounty of flavours and colours. Trees and plants bask in the glory of the beating sun while being nourished by

  • Final Stretch Made Difficult

    Just like the year before, early rains have put farmers across the country in trouble. As they were getting ready to reap the benefits of

  • A Tale of Refugees

    The unprecedented Rohingya crisis shows little sign of abating almost eight months later.

  • Toiling Away in Terrible Conditions

    With only a few days until May Day, it is prudent to get an overview of what the situation is for the many workers toiling away in the far,

  • Life Not on Track

    The railway slums were immortalised and romanticised by the famous words of the legendary Azam Khan. The bleak picture he painted

  • Bird

    The Wild And The Wonderful

    Bangladesh is a country rich in biodiversity. This is easy to forget if one grows up in an urban setting where the only vista outsides