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  • The Angler’s Last Stop

    An ecosystem which is allowed to thrive, allowed to breath, is one which will result in bounties for the patient. This sentiment is proved in the Cox’s Bazar Fishery Ghat. With the recent ban on fishing being lifted till next month, the ghat has come alive with boats carrying fish most favoured by Bangladeshis. The treasures from the deep blue sea, displayed at the ghat, make for quite vibrant and colourful displays. The ghat opens at 6:00am, with the market picking up full steam within a few hours. Fishermen say the ban has actually resulted in better catches than before, although the economic disruption to their livelihood because of it is yet to be mitigated fully. For now, sellers and customers have been pleased with the results, something which all can see stepping in the ghat in the beach town.

  • Stuck at Square One

    More than a year after the students’ demonstrations for safe roads and the Traffic Weeks observed by citizens and law enforcement, very little seems to have changed in the city in regard to road safety. Not only are pedestrians and commuters still risking their lives by

  • The Nights of Karwan Bazar

    While Karwan Bazar, one of the largest wholesale markets in the country, is always bustling, it is during the night time when it really comes alive.

  • Peace at Last

    They play on the rope bridge, climb the bamboo wall, swing to heights, go through the obstacle course, and watch others play from a bamboo-made pavilion.

  • Peace at Last

    They play on the rope bridge, climb the bamboo wall, swing to heights, go through the obstacle course, and watch others play from a bamboo-made pavilion. The children, many of whom are orphaned and have physical and intellectual disabilities, have found a home

  • Far Away From Home

    In a fresh attempt, 3,450 Rohingyas were scheduled to be repatriated to Myanmar yesterday. None of them, however, agreed to go.

  • Dengue Rattles Bangladesh

    The country is gripped by the fear of dengue, which is taking its toll on people everywhere. Every day, hundreds of new patients are being admitted to already-overcrowded hospitals where long queues in front of the report delivery rooms is a common sight.

  • Taking a Hiding

    Seasonal rawhide traders are counting their losses due to a serious lack of demand. Visiting makeshift rawhide hubs in the capital’s Azimpur, Chawk Bazar, City College and New Market areas, the selling price of animal skin was found to be shockingly low.


    Dhaka city is losing its greeneries. Nevertheless, a number of birds still make their homes in this concrete jungle. With trees and open space vanishing fast, most of the birds have disappeared from the city.

  • The Sacrifice

    Cattle from around the country and even different parts of the world have been gathered at the cattle market in the capital’s Gabtoli for the upcoming Eid-ul-Azha. It is one of the 24 cattle markets in the capital.

  • Prints of perfection

    Bent over their tables, artisans around the country are busy conjuring up works of magic, keeping the upcoming Eid in mind. Summoning new block prints and beadworks, their hands are hard at work turning pieces of cotton into embellished articles of beauty. Although most of the work done in the industry is of great quality, local artisans often lose out to imported wares. Despite the competitive prices of local goods -- with some cotton saris going for as low as Tk 800 -- the allure of imports can still be too much to ignore for some. This, however, doesn’t detract local craftsmen from producing the work of the art that they put so much effort into. The pictures were taken from New Super Market in the capital.

  • The Fish Festival

    The five-day Fish Fair 2019 in the capital’s Khamarbari area came to an end recently. The festival showcased the wealth of the country’s resources in terms of fish. While no fish were sold at the exhibition, visitors could learn the know-hows of fish cultivation and the benefits of it. This year’s slogan was “Building the country through fish cultivation”. The elaborate installations showed how to rear prawns, oysters, pomfret and many others. Information on different breeds and cultivation techniques was also available.

  • The Chokehold of Development

    The lives of commuters often come to a standstill in the capital city when development work -- road repairs or laying of new sewage pipes -- is undertaken. While the work itself is beneficial for city dwellers, the way it is done leaves much to be desired. Haphazard dumping of earth, construction materials strewn about and no consideration for pedestrians or commuters turn an otherwise positive work into a headache. Lack of guidelines in terms of how such construction work should be carried out also results in long tailbacks in an already gridlocked city. The pictures were taken from Dilkusha road, Motijheel, Kamalapur bazar and other areas in Dhaka.

  • Where majesty is dismantled

    While most people would associate shipbreaking/building yards with port cities, many other areas in the country are hosts to such yards where ships are dismantled or built, like the one in Keraniganj’s Aganagar.

  • Respite For Nature Lovers

    This year’s National Tree Fair has been a congregation of colours for nature lovers who have thronged the venue at Agargaon in numbers.

  • Beauties of the bay

    The Swatch of No Ground, a submarine canyon in the Bay of Bengal, located south of Dublar Char, is a hotspot for dolphins, whales,

  • Fruits of Our Labour

    Fruits of Our Labour

  • An iftar to Remember

    The iftar market shows no signs of cooling as Eid nears and people begin to leave for their homes away from the capital. Despite people preparing to trickle out, street carts remain lined with all kinds of iftar goodies imaginable. Like some sort of culinary magic, the edible goods on display keep getting larger. Gigantic jilapis complement colossal pieces of chicken. If that doesn’t satiate the appetite, why not turn the corner and opt for some scrumptious lamb roasts? In the month of fasting, the iftar servings on offer border on the extravagance and ensure a full stomach to make it through another day. The scents seduce and tantalising taste do tempt. Of course, the giving in happens when the fast breaks. Before then, we can all feast with our eyes! The photos were taken from Chawk Bazar in the capital.

  • The beauty of batik

    Batiks are things of beauty, each meticulously crafted piece of garment considered a piece of art. The market for batik has begun heating up in Araihazar upazila in Narayanganj -- the pulse of the batik business -- and homes there are turning into splashes of colour, owing to the batik cloths hung out to dry.

  • For The Quintessential Jamdani

    With Eid-ul-Fitr approaching, the weekly Jamdani haat at the BISCIC Jamdani Palli in Narayanganj’s Rupganj is reaching its peak.

  • The Power of Flowers

    Amid the sweltering May heat, the gridlocked traffic and the human chaos of the outdoors, there are but a few things that offer us some comfort and relief.

  • Rise of the machines

    An exhibition showcasing the latest agricultural machineries attracted a lot of visitors recently. The exhibition held at Krishibid Institution Bangladesh in the capital was organised by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • Into The Fields of Gold

    The glittering fields of gold signal the arrival of the paddy harvesting season. Farmers across the country are busy reaping the fruits of their labour.

  • A Celebration of Culture And Unity

    Pahela Baishakh is more than just welcoming the Bangali New Year, it is a celebration of our culture and unity.

  • A Showcase For Local Products

    The week-long National Industrial Fair, which began on March 31 at the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre (BICC),

  • The wasteland

    This 12-acre landfill in Dakshin Surma upazila’s Lalmatia area in Sylhet has almost reached its capacity and the waste has begun to seep out slowly.

  • Reign of Fire

    Just about one month ago, over 70 lives were swallowed in one of the most tragic fire incidents in the country. But before the scars of the Chawkbazar fire could be healed, another blaze yesterday swept through the 22-storeyed FR Tower in the capital’s Banani area,

  • rohingya refugee children

    The Happy Ones

    The times have perhaps healed some wounds and the refugee camps are full of smiling children. The children are found roaming the camps, always stopping to pose for the camera. They bring life to what is otherwise a tragic story of a people considered to be one of the most persecuted minorities in the world. Seeking refuge in Bangladesh, the Rohingyas have found a welcoming but temporary home, with most longing to return if the conditions are right. Here, in this new world, is where many Rohingya children have found respite from their struggles for the first time in their lives. And so they smile. Because why should they not?

  • A Woman's World

    Daudkandi Ghat in Cumilla remains abuzz with women workers all year round. From all corners of the country, women from lower socio-economic backgrounds find work here with no gender discrimination or wage disparity.

  • For The Love of Fish

    For the last 300 years, locals in Bogura's Gabtali upazila have been arranging a Machher Mela, fish fair, usually on the last Wednesday of the Bengali month of Magh or on the first Wednesday of Falgun.