India's Champions Trophy in doubt

BCCI rejects $100 million ICC offer
India's Kedar Jadhav (R) celebrates with captain Virat Kohli after scoring a century (100 runs). Photo: AFP

India's participation in the forthcoming Champions Trophy 2017 remains in doubt after Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) rejected International Cricket Council's (ICC) additional 'USD 100 million' offer in the ongoing tussle between the two bodies regarding the new revenue model.

A senior BCCI official was quoted as saying by PTI that ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar made an offer to the Indian cricket board which has been outright rejected by the BCCI.

"Yes, ICC chairman Shashank Manohar gave us an offer of an additional USD 100 million in the new financial model. In fact, he gave us a deadline to get back to him. From our end, we won't get back to him as we don't even consider it an offer," the BCCI official said.

The official also said that there are 'trust issues' between the two parties which is stopping the BCCI from even considering the offer.

"The offer came from Manohar. He is the chairman but ICC is a members' body and the chairman doesn't decide who gets what share of the pie. It's the members who decide. We are still working on the formula with all nations. They are receptive. Mr Manohar doesn't decide what should be BCCI's share," the official said.

In the existing revenue distribution model, BCCI gets USD 579 million from the ICC. However, if Manohar's proposal is passed, then BCCI's share comes down to USD 290 million, which even the Committee of Administrators (COA) had found unacceptable.

"Let us take the example that BCCI were being paid Rs 500 and others are being paid Rs 100. Now these member nations have been promised Rs 175 or let's say Rs 200. What Mr Manohar is trying do is to reduce BCCI's share to Rs 300 in order to increase their share," the BCCI official said.

Asked what the solution is, he said, "We are assuring the member nations that even if our share remains Rs 500, we promise to create a model to increase their share to Rs 200. But please have faith that we can propose a revenue generation model."

The BCCI is also not announcing the squad for Champions Trophy on Tuesday, which is the ICC deadline. However, the ICC constitution allows countries to name their squads post the deadline under certain circumstances.

"Tell me one thing, if we name the squad, say for example on May 5, will ICC bar us from participation. We have a settled squad and naming it is a mere formality," he concluded.

Earlier, speaking to Cricketnext, BCCI joint secretary Amitabh Choudhary had said that ideally the BCCI would hope that the ICC agrees to carry on with the current model till the Annual General Meeting in June. But if that does not happen, then necessary steps will be taken to safeguard India's interest.