No politics behind cancellation of GSP: US envoy

US Ambassador to Bangladesh Marcia Bernicat yesterday reiterated that there was no politics behind the Obama administration's decision to leave out Bangladesh from the GSP list.

She said the trade privilege for Bangladesh has been suspended for the time being and a fresh decision will be taken after reviewing the progress in the garment sector's reform plans.

She spoke in a meeting with State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam at his office yesterday.

The significant progress made so far in terms of workplace safety in the garment sector has impressed Bernicat, Alam said after the meeting.

The US envoy will place documents about the progress achieved by Bangladesh to the concerned US authorities, he said.


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গ্যাস পাইপ লাইনের জরুরি প্রতিস্থাপন ও অপসারণ কাজের জন্য রাজধানীর বিভিন্ন এলাকায় শনিবার ৮ ঘণ্টা গ্যাস সংযোগ বন্ধ রাখবে তিতাস গ্যাস কর্তৃপক্ষ।