Application deadline extended for Bangladesh Immigrant Day show to be held in New York

Interested participants can submit applications until May 31
Application deadline extended for EPB's Immigrant Day show to be held in New York

The Bangladesh Immigrant Day and Trade Fair 2023 has extended the deadline for submission of application to take part in the event to be held in New York in the USA until May 31.

The Muktdhara New York and USA-Bangladesh Business Links in association with the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce will organise the two-day event that will start on September 22.

The EPB in a circular issued on May 22 said the deadline has been extended upon request from the interested companies and organisations.

The participating companies will come from different sectors, including banking and insurance, services, capital market, readymade garment and textile, medical and pharmaceuticals, agro and agro-processed, food and beverage, IT and IT-enabled services, leather and leather goods, handlooms and handicrafts, jute and diversity products, real estate and tourism.


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