Desktops still popular among internet users

Smartphones have made it a lot easier to access the internet, but a digital company found that desktops are still the first choice for a third of its customers across Bangladesh.

In November 2017, Wizards Ad Network conducted a study on 86.19 lakh customers, of them 28 percent preferred using desktops.

The figure was 30.52 percent in a similar study carried out on 66.45 lakh internet users in November 2016, the company said.

However, the number of desktop users—who are mainly heavy internet users—is declining, said Imtiaz Ahmed, lead of operations of the company which mainly uses these data for commercial purposes like digital marketing campaigns and advertisements.

Over 52 percent or around 45 lakh were found to be using mobile phones to access internet in 2017, which was 46.52 percent a year ago, he said.

About 20.16 percent of the devices being used were tablet, phablets, smart televisions, portable media players and some other non-branded smartphones last year, Ahmed said.

The company runs such studies from time to time to make digital contents more customers specific, a new trend for the country, he said.

“Through our systems, we can find what people are mostly browsing and what they are interested to do with the internet. And our contents are also made in line with that.”

Based on the findings, different companies were also running their campaigns and reaching targeted customers through digital contents, he added.

Currently, there are about 53.45 lakh desktop-based internet users and they were the main consumers of data, according to data from the Internet Service Providers Association of Bangladesh.

In November 2017, around 19.40 percent of the clients of Wizards used Samsung branded smartphones to access internet, which was 15.46 percent in the previous year, Ahmed said.

Around 4.44 percent used Symphony smartphones last year, which was 4.40 percent in 2016. For Huawei, the figures were 6.71 percent and 3.57 percent and for iPhone 5.25 percent and 5.69 percent respectively.

Xiaomi is being used by 4.62 percent, Microsoft-Lumia 4.26 percent, Lava 3.38 percent, Lenovo 2.30 percent and Walton 1.94 percent in the 11th month of 2017.


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