Virtual court hearings: 200 children among 14,096 get bail in 6 days

virtual court

A total of 14,096 people, including around 200 children -- accused of criminal charges -- have secured bail from the courts across the country in last six working days through virtual process after a 46-day gap.

Of them, the courts granted bail to 4,063 people, including 45 children, yesterday, Supreme Court spokesman Md Saifur Rahman told The Daily Star today.

The lower courts granted bail to a total of 4,042 people while the High Court granted bail to 21 in cases filed against them over different criminal charges.

The judges of the courts passed the orders after holding virtual hearings of the petitions filed by the accused persons seeking bail in the cases, he said.       

He said the subordinate courts yesterday disposed of 6,516 bail petitions filed by the accused.

The regular activities of courts across the country, including Appellate and High Court Divisions of the Supreme Court, remained closed since March 26 due to ongoing coronavirus outbreak. The closures are scheduled to continue till May 30.                    

On May 10, Chief Justice Syed Mahmud Hossain issued some directives for the courts about dealing with urgent cases through using information and communication technology during the ongoing closure.



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