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  • The spirit of Fajr

    “Prayer is better than sleep” — I listened to these melodious words of the muezzin booming out of the loudspeaker of a mosque, as I wearily made my way out of Nazira Bazaar. The culinary hub, even at that odd hour of the clock, swarmed with crowds last year; it is, after all, renowned for its sehri hangouts.
  • Palatial treats

    The Palace Luxury Resort in Habiganj — on the outskirts of Sylhet — is a treasure trove of sorts. With rich flora and fauna and a wide plethora of facilities for vacationers, the 150-acre resort is a true wonderland.
  • Celebrating Awadhi cuisine

    Kurry Accent, an Indian restaurant in Gulshan-2, had recently organised Awadhi Food Fest. Food festivals by eateries, particularly by hotels, have become rather commonplace nowadays.
  • Jazz up your cubicle

    Admit it, being stuck in a cubicle was not exactly what you imagined when you were writing ‘My Aim in Life’ as a second grader.
  • Adhan Mosque Ramadan

    The spirit of adhan

    The Bosporus was shimmering in all its glory under the ripe full moon. On the other side, the monumental Blue Mosque stood with immense grandeur. Sitting in that rooftop restaurant at Istanbul that unforgettable night, I was taking in the overpowering beauty around me.