Waziha Aziz

Fathers and Daughters and Unmailed Letters

Perhaps father was never taught to love.

Mason Jar

I stare bleary eyed as my lock screen tells me I have a new message.

Five places to go for Iftar in Chattogram

The culture of going out for iftar is ever increasing in Chattogram.

Explorations on Time

I used to wear my minutes as accessories and now the minutes wear me.

“Quite mundane and linear”: A reader reacts to our ChatGPT story

The gravity of writing has always come from the writer. A piece of literature cannot be judged without the whys and hows, and these questions are impossible to answer without sentience.

A Marked Grave

“Where the hell is Manzur?” Taher crouched near a slight bend, peeking over some dying shrubbery. “I said high noon.”

Odds and Ends from a Poem on Odds and Ends

A pity, it began as a reflective study. A bird’s eye view of Kafka’s conundrum  Is a fallen leaf lost, or free? I slid a window wide open Found a dead moth crumpled on the sill.

If There Were More Hours in the Day

Cool winter winds Carry stories untold

February 17, 2022
February 17, 2022

On the Night of a Full Moon

The moon smiles down at us, A soft gleam on her bleached brow.

February 8, 2018
February 8, 2018


Blind to the beauty of this world

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